Verdoro 68's Goat
Owned it since 1991. Built in Arlington May 17, 1968, sold in Fort Worth at Leo Jarnagin. I bought it in Denton, TX in May of 1991. Drove it to High School and College then brought it with me to California in 1998.
Parking Spot
The nose knows.
At the Jim Wangers lecture at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum in Danville, CA 3/15/14
Jim Wangers
American Iron Show, Pleasant Hill, CA 
August 2013
2011 - new engine installed
2007 - Old engine disassembled. Detonation played a part in it's demise.
2011- New engine ready to go.
2011- Getting ready for the new engine
2005- New trunk pans completed
2005 - In with the new
2005 - Out with the old
2005 -Trunk - before restoration. Plenty of fiberglass mat and bondo to cover the rust.
Pypes exhaust ca. 2005. Still running this system.
2006 - looking a little tired but still presentable
Trim tag - they stamped a lot of Qs in 1968 and 1969.
2004 - Tearing it down
2001 - engine compartment is looking a little scruffy and missing a few parts
Body shop class - 1991 or 92.
1991. Notice the original Jarnigan emblem on the trunk lid.
This pic is from 1991. Car still has the original paint on it. I hydroplaned into a guardrail on I-35 in Lewisville on my way to work and smacked the...
Spring 2012 - time for a repaint
Here you can see the extent of the bonding that occurred in 1992. I took a body shop class when I was 16 and did some shoddy rust repairs along the...
The passenger side got a wheel lip patch and a lower 1/4 patch due to way the earlier repairs were done. I didn't see the need to replace the whole...

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