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The Camaro/IA project I used their 3.5X system with 3" Ultraflows and mandrel Torque Tech 3" tailpipes I had(Torque Tech are aluminized and great fit but the guy retired about 2 years ago. He was out of A body even them and I got 2 of the last F body sets.

I had a muffler shop install the system and he did a great job tucking up even the 3.5 head pipes and X. Only issue we had was the header to X were way too short and the X to tailpipes were too long so more cutting and welding but it is as low as a 3.5 system can get. He spent time to do it and I paid for time $600. But it looks great.

A GOOD muffler shop can do wonders. Get the 3" system and if need be some mandrel SS bends for a muffler shop to use to cut and section to tuck it up. B man had some pictures of a nice mandrel system he custom made on one of his 64s.

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