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Many years ago, I found a nearly mint rubber trunk mat in a 1970 full sized (Canadian) Pontiac;
I bought it, and cut it to match the stencil of a 1973 Firebird trunk mat.
I recently threw most of it out because it had fallen apart... I kept a bigger chunk of it though to compare against my intended eventual replacement mat.

1970 Formula 400
Carousel Red on black (std) interior
1:286 W66/L78/M13 or 1:301 W66/M13
(likely one of very few '70 M13 Formulas still existing)

1991 Grand Am: 14.4 @ 93.7mph (DA corrected) (retired DD, stock appearing)
2009 Cobalt SS: 13.9 @ 103mph (current DD; makes something north of 300hp & 350ft/lbs)
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