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Default door key spins

My key spins without unlocking the door on my 09 G8 GT. I thought it was just something disconnected, and asked the mechanic to check it out while he had my car in for a brake job. The mechanic said the key lock mechanism is either bad, or needs a locksmith. Perhaps a previous owner changed the ignition and key, but not the door lock. It appears to be a common problem with the Pontiac G8, according to the locksmith he called.

My question is, does anyone have a remedy for fixing or changing this lock without spending hundreds for a locksmith or Dealer?

My key fob works fine, but I am afraid one day the car battery will die, and I'll be locked out. There is no way to charge the battery, which is mounted in the trunk, if I cannot unlock the car. Also, the fob could get wet or damaged, leaving me stranded in a parking lot. The other doors and trunk do not have key locks. Why is GM eliminating key locks?
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