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Originally Posted by mchell View Post
So how many degrees do you think it was off?

You get a pic of the orientation when you pulled the timing cover?

Unless it was dramatically off I would think the engine would start and run albeit like crap?
Kinda looking at how the keyways are positioned, if he was on the 4 degree advanced keyway and the wrong dots were used. It would be either 60 or 120 degrees off approximately. Crankshaft degrees. Probably best it didn't try to start.

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I hope you pre-oiled the engine by driving the oil pump with a tool used for that purpose, prior to trying to start the engine. If not you could damage the camshaft, etc.
The vacuum control on the distributor should point approximately perpendicular to the head when the distributor is installed. The timing mark should be at tdc to install the distributor. It may take you a couple of tries to get the distributor to seat properly when dropping it in. You can't drop it straight in because of the angle of the gear. Be absolutely sure of the wiring order as to wire to cap - 18436572 - counter clockwise. Turn the distributor cw to advance - ccw to retard. Depending on the compression, you may end up with anywhere from 6-10 degrees bftdc. Maybe some of this will help.

I built a 455 out of a 400 by using a specially prepared 455 crank. It would quickly rev to 7 grand using a dual point distributor and Offenhauser dual quad single plane intake using Carter AFBs set up with progressive linkage.

Good luck with your build.

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Yes i primed oil system with 1/2" drill when all this started.
I will do it again Sat. Before i attempt to start it again. Good thing is cam was already broken in. Hopefully i didn't hurt anything else, like the rings. Brand new motor for the most part.

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Default I knew it!

Originally Posted by panhead59 View Post
I found the problem !!!! FINALLY. Just took off timing cover. I have a Cloyes 3 key timing set and crank gear is on "advance" keyway. Plus i wasn't using correct symbol (timing mark). So it was ALL screwed up ! I don't think i've ever messed with this type ( 3 keyways ) of crank gear before.
I feel pretty dumb, but at least i'm smarter today than i was yesterday !! Thanks a million for all the help. I know it must be frustrating on your end also. I'll get it back together this weekend and add to this post once it starts. Tks again !!!!!
I've done enough timing belts to know when you said it "Sounded weird when cranking" to know the cam timing wasn't right. Glad you figured it out!

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I did that once a long time ago, bent 8 pushrods, check'em
Stock pushrods bent before valves

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Yes. I'll "reprime" oil system, check pushrods, readjust valves. Basically start over. Tks.

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The good thing is that once you get to the other side of a pain in Ass issue like this is that you've dam near become a expert and then other things you go about doing to the motor get done with more detail!

It's a blessing though that your Cam was already broken in after all of this trying to start stuff!

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Thumbs up

SHE LIVES. !!!!!!!!!! I set timing marks correctly this time. Reprimed oil pump with drill to get some fresh oil around the engine. Tidied up some wires. Got balancer bolt to click torque wrench at 150 ft. Lbs., plus a little tighter. Thats as high ad my torq. Wrench goes ! Set valves. Drop in dizzy. She fired right up. Not even a couple revolutuons. It immediTely started. Tks again for all the help. Going out to drop tranny now.
Next project is to install gear vendors overdrive.

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Great news! Glad you got this figure out!

Will Rivera

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Excellent...Glad it fired right up for ya.

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Congrats there.
Welcome to “Normal” operating conditions.

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Right on! Been watching this thread to see if you'd figure out the problem. Glad to hear it wasn't anything major.

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Good for you. It's a good feeling when assembling an engine it finally 'works'.

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I've been watching this thread also, waiting for a resolution. Good job!


Franky M.
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