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Default 63 Tempest Lower Windshield Channel Repair

A result of a leaky windshield, I have a serious repair to do.
Does anyone have any before and after photos?

Is the best way to use a donor channel?

The amount of rust behind the windshield (interior side) is impressive especially when the rest of the car is rust free!

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I would say donor car, would be the easiest to me.

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Default Repair

I used a shrinker/stretcher from Eastwood on my last 63, bent the piece in a 90 and the manipulated it with the tool until I had the right contour.....welded it in, seam sealed and had zero leaks or problems with windshield installation

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Thanks, I will post up a picture. Windshield is still in the car. I vacuumed up a lot of big metal pieces in the channel where the inside trim piece goes.

I guess it will become clearer what I need to replace when I get the windshield out. (hopefully without cracking).
Currently, I have duct tape on the outside sealing it up!!

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There were two different sized windshields in 63 depending on how it was sealed (rubber gasket or butyl sealant). Curious about which one you have and whether there is any information as to which style may be prone to experiencing rusting of the channel.

The windshield has a identification code in the lower passenger side corner. It will identify which windshield it is. (I don't recall how to interpret the data.)

I have found that the "A" pillar in these cars are prone to serious rust. You may want to look yours over when you are working on the windshield area.

Good luck!


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