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I think that million mile engine had to be using some Lucas oil stabilizer some STP and a little Sea Foam to do so good. It couldn't be just plain old oil.

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Shaefers is not just "plain old oil". Its the best oil there is.
What other oil gets both more MPG and more horsepower on a dyno ? Gest 1,000,000miles from a unreliable engine ?
It has the highest rated reviews I have ever seen on Amazon. That in itself does not mean a whole lot but never seen a product get reviews like them.

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Originally Posted by Dragncar View Post
Answer is Shaefers oil. They got 1,000,000 + miles out of one of those things and it looked new inside.

3000 mile oil changes from new are all that's necessary. Any other needs are from extended oil changes.

Years ago I swapped a used engine with 100,000ish miles. Swapped the intake first and was depressed with all the sludge. It was all I had so in it went. Few years later swapped the intake again. Antique car. Oil changes annually. Maybe 500 miles a year. Detergent oil cleaned every ounce of sludge. I was shocked.


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