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Default Ram Air Qjet on Ebay

Need the experts like Kenth to examine this carb and chime in. The model number, pick code and date code stamping appear to be correct (without actually seeing the carb in person)...but the components and their respective castings/stampings all seem questionable. Especially the fuel bowl. I don't have this bowl casting number (7038221) anywhere in my charts. Is it even a Pontiac fuel bowl? I recall this casting number back when I was collecting data on rare Pontiac carbs but is certainly not what I have listed for the 7040273 WC model. Shouldn't it be 7048024? I hate to say this is a bogus carb without further proof. Is the buyer a PY member? I hope the new owner checks it out before paying for it.


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I am no carb guy, but I would have liked to see a nice clear picture of the 7040273 and the date code. There are a lot of carbs that are restamped, and I am not saying this one is, you have to be careful.

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right off the bat, the airhorn does not have the recess for the accel pump boot retainer.

would need more pictures of the float bowl. carb is now sold, so good luck on that.

the presentation of the "restoration" is beyond weak. Those guys shouldn't be allowed to media blast or replate oarts on anything close to a rare Q-jet.

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Typical "Frankencarb".

Airhorn of 1968 Pontiac vintage. (Brass inserts for idle air bleeds).
Floatbowl cast # used on 1970 California units. (Obviously no RA unit).
Throttleplate manufactured by Carter (no RA Qjets or parts made by Carter).

I have seen only a handfull genuine Ram Air Qjets on ebay the last two decades.
The sad part is that a lot of perfectly fine original Qjets, that can be hard enough to find, gets destroyed by these clowns.


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Kenth, what would a 7040570 carb have for the floatbowl casting number?

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