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Default Progression Ignition

This company has a video on YouTube that features their new ignition distributor installed on a first gen firebird. Unique features with this new product. Learn more from their website Progression Ignition.

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Hmm, cooler than I expected! Smart phone interface is very interesting, especially the ability to use your phone as a "kill switch".

Long-term reliability will be interesting to see, though.

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Hopefully the company will make this a quality product. So many things that used to be regarded as such has been dimished recently.

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That is really intriguing. I would like to see one installed by an actual member. If its a quality distributor its a lot of bang for the buck. Eliminate a programable box, something with a rev limiter, and from wiring up a dead man switch.


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Yes, that is a really interesting version of an MSD E Core, isn't it.

And, for the price, it should also teach itself what each individual engine wants for a curve.

When it deficates itself, it should also know how to wipe itself clean, too.

Frankly, not a lot of persons are going to be able to tune one of these things, even the so-claimed by them inferior E Core isn't that easy to work with. When these people get this thing to learn all by itself, and can deliver it for less than $200.00, I'll be both more impressed, and more interested than I ever will be at this juncture.

Nice idea, nice looking, but, lots to be done to make it a lot more user friendly, it appears .Lets see a lot of you buy into this, and give us the real world reports on just how easy it is to work with, problems, issues, and the rest of us can go from there with them.

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I don't know about the ignition but I want to know more about his dual gate shifter.


OK the ignition is pretty cool to.

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I watched some of the video and it looks interesting and pricey. It would be nice to actually have some data and specifics about items like output amperage, voltage, spark duration and so forth. Would people really plop down nearly $600.00 for a distributor and have virtually no information about these things?

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Pretty cool, but would hate for it to have a software meltdown at 2am on a lonely country road.

I'm a bit confused about idle RPM being controlled with the timing ... shouldn't timing be set properly then idle adjusted at the carb?

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I'm a bit confused about idle RPM being controlled with the timing ... shouldn't timing be set properly then idle adjusted at the carb?[/QUOTE]

I have a programmable crank sensor ignition. You can effectively make the idle more stable by advancing the timing as rpm drop lower which counters the load of ac or being put in gear. It will settle into a happy spot. When you unload engine in park or ac kicks off rpm won't run away because timing is taken away as rpm increase. This is all within a 200 rpm window. This it the opposite of what manifold vacuum and vacuum advance can deliver.

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I think they are showing how idle timing compensates idle speed for loads at idle. Like being in drive, or maybe the A/C compressor kicking in,. By bumping the timing a bit, then can bring the idle speed back up. Thinking thats the reason the idle RPM's are entered in the app. Kind of a cool idea. I would think you still set the idle and base timing the same way you would otherswise.? this is just my guess of course after watching the video.

Would allow for a lower baseline idle similar to a manual shift car. Pretty much what is mentioned above

I would imagine that feature has an RPM cutoff to work correctly? hits 1000 or more and assumes your stepping on the throttle?


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From this link you will get some help


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