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Default INJUN WARS New Date September 7th 2024 Drag Race & Car Show

INJUN WARS Pontiac Drag Racing Series September 7th, 2024, Bunker Hill Dragstrip Bunker Hill, Indiana.

Spectators $10

CAR SHOW IS ON! Trophies for 6 Classes. 3 for Pontiac's and 3 for everything else. Antique through 1959, Classic 1960-1979 and Modern 1980 to present. $10 registration.

DRAG RACE. Top-Modified-Sportsman $50 entry, 75% to payout.

This is a long post so PLEASE Read ALL of this (Maybe Twice) before asking questions. Thank you.

If you came last year and got a Tech Card, you're in FREE for 2024. Thanks Bunker Hill Dragstrip for the Raincheck!

We know everyone wants to earn a "Chief" trophy for winning your class and that's easy enough. Just win your class.

We also know that many of you want a chance to win the BIG Arrowhead Low E.T. Trophy so we've made that a little more challenging and yet possible for more of you. Now to earn the Arrowhead Low E.T. Trophy, you still have to have the quickest Pontiac Powered entry and you still have to post the quickest E.T. during eliminations but that quickest E.T. must be made on a winning run during eliminations. You don't have to win your class but if you lose first round you're not going home with that trophy. Just a little extra incentive for everyone to be on your game.

INJUN WARS is an 1/8 mile Bracket Race with NO BUYBACKS.

You also have the option to race the track's Bracket Race program to double your odds of making some cash.

Now, the Classes per IHRA:
• TOP (ELECTRONICS) (0-9.00): Delay boxes, trans brakes, two steps, playback delay boxes, trans brakes, playback tachometers and nitrous are permitted. Air throttles used as launch control devices are permitted. Air throttles, used as launch control devices, are permitted. Factory (OEM) installed computers will be permitted, but lap top computers are not allowed while in competition.

• MODIFIED (NO ELECTRONICS) (All Run): Delay boxes, air throttles and starting line enhancers are prohibited. Trans brakes, two-steps, automated shifters and nitrous are permitted. Delay boxes are not allowed to remain in the vehicle.

• SPORTSMAN (7.50 & Slower, Door Cars Only): Delay boxes, air throttles, starting line enhancers, trans brakes, two steps, buttons on the steering wheel and nitrous are prohibited. Slicks and headers are permitted. Line locks are only permitted in the burnout process. The throttle must be manually operated by the driver’s foot. Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics, or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation. A fixed stop under the carburetor or gas pedal is permitted. Automated Shifter prohibited unless OEM.

Next Step - We wanted to create another BIG Trophy, something that every participant had a chance to win. After all the Class eliminations, the winners of each Class could do a run off race for the WAR CHIEF Top Eliminator Trophy. Only question was, how do you do that with 3 classes?


TRUCKS - Tow Trucks, Show Trucks or Go Trucks, Truckin' Send It! $35 entry. Any make of truck is allowed, gas or diesel and the Sportsman Class rules apply. No A/C on while at the track. Tow to the track, when you shut off your truck, shut off the A/C and keep it off until you're ready to tow home.

This Truck Class will be a chance for you to let your spouse or a crew member run the truck, or you could run both. It gives us the 4th class needed to do the runoff race for the WAR CHIEF Top Eliminator Trophy and we think it will be an exciting addition!

Did you know that traditionally there were four things you had to do to be a War Chief. Only the greatest warriors, those who accomplished four particularly dangerous war deeds in combat, could become a War Chief. They had to touch a living enemy, take an enemy's weapon, steal an enemy's horse, and lead a victorious war party. Pretty fitting title for Top Eliminator Injun Style!

Hope to see you September 7th. Please SHARE this and INVITE your friends to participate. The more that run make it all the more fun!

Randy Repp
1964 GTO "GoatZilla"
1964 GTO "Injunuity" A/FX Nostalgia Super Stock
220" Rear Engine Pontiac Powered Dragster
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