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Default 70 J Purchase

I recently purchased a 1970 Grand Prix which had spent several years in a damp barn under a canvass. The car has significant rust in the hood, trunk lid and floor pans. It looks to be complete except that it is missing two factory wheels. It has a running 455 but that is currently partially disassembled Frankly.I am on the fence as to whether I should try to restore it, part it out, or sell it complete as a parts car. I have restored some Thunderbirds that started out this rough, but never a Pontiac. Besides the usual issues, I am concerned that because of the short production period, it might be difficult for me to get sheet metal or other parts to complete the restoration. If there is anyone out there with recent Grand Prix restoration experience and who could give me some advice, or who might be interested in the car (or parts thereof), I would appreciate any communication. I have checked the possibility of being communicated with by email. Thanks for any thoughts.

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Memphis general area

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I restored a 70 GP Model J about 6 years ago.
Took 3 years of pretty steady work to to do a complete frame-on restoration.
I live in Iowa - had the usual Midwest rust on quarter panels, fenders, rear window corners & inner fender wells. They do make patch panels now for some of the panels I had to fabricate. Cost me about as much in just materials
as the car was worth. I did all the work myself except upholstery. If you're going to do it it's a labor of love - you won't make money restoring a low option 69 or 70 Grand Prix. I am very happy with the way car came out - it's a blast to drive and I still have it.

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Would the floor pans be pretty much identical to a '70 LeMans or even a Chevelle/Monte for that mater? A used trunk lid & hood should not be too tough to come by. We want pictures.

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Yeh here's some info, but some may be outdated so check,... the floor pans are the same as other A body GM, and available repro, The trunk pans available are A body and close but require mods to be exact. where they meet the back area near tail panel. Cowl is same as A body some patches available, trunk drop offs/dog legs unique and unavailable as far as I know, rear outer wheeelhouse unique and unavailable, inner wheelhouse should same as A body I think, lower quarter panel patches where available repro for 69/70, but some mod needed to use for 71/72, Interior is tougher part, seat frames, covers and trim available and carpet, some switches and gauges too. dash hard to find a good original, and bezels too. I could go on and on, and probably forgetting some, but need more coffee. I agree with 1970GPJ400, you have to really want to do it, but some of us do/did and don't regret it. But some have called me crazy too. lol


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