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Default Dave at Small Body Distributors

I was wondering if someone here had a HEI conversion done as of late? I have been trying to contact Dave from Small body Distributors for weeks and he does not respond to telephone or emails. His web site says he is overwhelmed with spammers and robots so leave a message, I did, more then once.

There is mention of his health taking a turn for the worse in November of last year. I really don't want to bother him if that's the case.

Anybody has an idea? Thanks in advance.

P.S. what would people recommend for a drop in electronic distributor for a Tripower? I am aware of the Pertronix conversions .

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I've got a customer that has talked with him recently. PM your name and phone number, and I'll see if I can help you get in touch.

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DUI Performance Distributors. They will build an HEI conversion tailored to your specific requirements. No extra charge. Comes with 50,000 volt coil. No spark box needed. These are just plain Awesome. $305 plus shipping. I ran one in my 64 GTO. 455
..590 hp.

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Thanks for the replies!

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In November, 2018, I was taken to our local, totally useless local hospital when I was found to be severely dehydrated, and it went bad from there. I was severely over rehydrated, and, pumped full of insulin, as when someone gets dehydrated, their organs, including the pancreas, begin to shut down, not completely fail, just decide to slow way down. Their fix, no blood sugar testing, only pump me full of 75 units if insulin per day. In doing this, my body decided to rebel, by swelling everything from my belt line down, to twice its normal size, all the time they are telling me to walk, that'll fix the swelling. Well, I couldn't even walk the 5 feet to the bathroom in the hospital room. 12 days there, 5 for the over rehydration, 7 more they trying to force me to walk, when it was impossible.

Well, it didn't. Three months later, I had stopped taking the insulin, went back to a regular diet, and began to be able to walk again.

I was just about ready to go back to work in the shop in early August, when while I was asleep, I got bit in the palm of my left hand, by a Brown Recluse spider. Two days later, I am in Renown, Reno, for the first of two operations to my left hand and wrist. One week later, second operation to the same area. I spent 21 days in that hospital, been home about 3 weeks now, with another doctor's visit the 16th.

The worst of it is, we don't know now, if the hand will ever be anywhere near normal, and if not, I won't be able to do the actual conversion work I have been doing for decades.

I have returned all the unopened distributor boxes that were here when the spider incident started, and am not asking for any more to be sent, until we know if the hand, and I will able to do the work. I can still answer questions, and send the info on building a proper, correct degrees stop for vacuum advances, and if you want that info, just ask for it. When this whole spider thing came about, we had no idea if the hand would come back, or be compromised, or worse, that I might have lost the hand, removed it. We didn't have an idea.

To those that sent units to be worked on, they are all sent back now, unconverted, with my sincere apologies.

The last distributor I sent back was for a fellow Pontiac owner, a very patient person. His distributor was in process when the spider did their work, and it did not get finished. To this incredible person, I say that if I do regain the use of my hand and get back to work on conversions, his will be welcome here, if he so desires, and no matter what he wants for a conversion, it is fully on the house. Now, if he chooses to post adversity in all this, I WILL SUPPORT HIS POSTINGS WITH EVERYTHING I HAVE. He has been a great person, and not he, nor anyone else needs what happened with work, time frame, and my not being able to complete his, and not even start on other's conversions.

NONE of this is intended to have people feel sorry for me, far from it. what matters to me is that everyone, be careful with moving things off shelves, those spiders and other things can be there, and I do not want to hear of anyone else being hurt by them. AND, as in my case, if the local, or regional health care facilities, and/or health care persons are not the best there is, get to those places where they are the BEST, don't take a chance. All this year of 2019 has nt been fun for me, nor for those that trusted me to get their conversions done. I dislike immensely disappointing others, I make it ut to be the worst thing that can happen, even if there is nothing that could be done to avert it, and this falls completely on me.

EVERYONE, please take care, stay safe and healthy, that'll make me feel a bit better. Now, if my hand recovers, I'll be at least content, not happy, but, content, and I will be able to go back to work.

OK, back to Pontiac's, this stuff has taken enough time away form them.

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Hoping all ends up well for you Dave. Your knowledge and advice has helped me rebuild a few distributors to great success.


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Hope your able to get better. You offer a great talent to the car community.


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