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Default Anyone really know who Chief Pontiac was?

1) Obviously a Chief, but of what tribe?

2) In 1760 he met a British officer, who was the British officer?

3) Where did they meet?

4) What was the meeting about?

5) Why did he have this meeting?

6) After the meeting, some time past and he became an organizer. What did he organize?

7) After he got things "organized" what did he and others do?

8) What was the result of his and others efforts?

9) One August 17, 1765 what was his final objective?

10) In 1769, how did his story end?

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Princess SummerFallWinterSprings father?

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Wink Didn't know there was going to be a test...






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Default Chief Pontiac

Chief of the Ottawa Indians (native Americans). I believe from the Pontiac,Michigan area. I have a neat little paperback book on the subject in my library. However, I am not there today!

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Wasn't he the founder and first CEO of Pontiac Motor Division?? Him invent first Pontiac covered wagon?

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The original chef worked at a little restaurant in pontiac mich called.....Dang I forgot but we used to go there a lot.



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