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Default I wish I had the video....

So back in the Sacramento Summer of 2012, Im working for a fire sprinkler company doing inspections and repairs. This particular day I had been working on some really big, heavy and dirty pipes and was looking pretty tore up at the end of the day. So I'm on my way home in my 70 Lemans Sport that I have been known to abuse from time to time (owned it since 84) and I'm just about home when I come to a red light. I could go thru the light and make a right at the next street and be home, or maybe I can squeeeeeze between those 3 cars waiting at the light, make a right then immediate left and be home. So as I'm slowly coming up behind the cars at the light and tracking to the right, I'm judging and mentally calculating if I can make it by these 3 cars, but at the last second, I think its too close so I pull back in line. As all this was going on, I'm blasting Static-X on the system and not immediately noticing the Sacramento PD car that appeared next to me. As I look over to the left, 2 cops in the car are looking kinda wierd and they're rolling down the window to talk to me. I turned down the music and said, "Sup?" . Not my best choice of words, but they kinda caught me off guard. So the Officer in the drivers side says, "Wanna race?". So I completely focused now on this smart ass talking **** and respond "Right here, right now?" and he says "Yeah!". Somehow during that short transition, the light had already turned green and the 3 cars in front of me had already gone thru the intersection, so when I turned back facing forward and saw it was clear, without t6hinking about it I dropped it in 1st and smoked em thru the intersection of Fruitridge and 24th Street in SAC. Not really a race launch, but much more theatrical. As I got thru the intersection my turn home is very close, so I let off the gas and as I made my right, I glanced to the left and saw the cops grinning ear to ear.
I went to every business at that intersection hoping the gas station or pool hall or anyone had video coverage of the intersection. Nada. That would have been so cool to have that on video!!!
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LOL, good story. Years ago I had a couple friends with the fox body mustangs. My old friend Chuckie Kuzempa stopped by on a Saturday with his new to him 86 GT 5 speed. This was 1998 or so. We got talking and he asked for me to take him for a ride. We went up to the main drag by us and I knew Woodbourne rd would be good spot to show him what my 69 bird could do. From the main drag I made a right by the old McCafferty ford dealer. I rowed thru the gears quickly (the car had 456's at the time) and did not let off even into a curve banking left. I lost traction, I'd say we were going 85-90mph, did two 360's in the road and wound up in the other lane facing traffic with cars coming. I threw it in reverse and got going 25 or so and did the perfect rockford spin I've ever done, I threw it in second and off I went. This whole time Chuck is freaking out to let him outta the car. It all happened over a span of 30 sec or so. I thought Chuckie was being a little bitch as he was 25 or so I was 21. Thats my "wish I had the video"

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NIce one. I'd love to tell a few others, like the one involving McClellan AFB, MP's with big long guns, lots of smoke and the "bitch" in my passenger seat screaming "They're going to shoot, they're going to shoot". Got away that time, but after pulling the car out of hiding 6 weeks later, 2nd try didnt work out as well. You should here me tell the story in lock-up, complete with sound effects and lots of body motion. After pinned and getting smashed by some meat head even tho I had my hands up and wasnt running, 2nd cop (of about 30) picked me up and said when he heard it was a Pontiac involved, he knew it'd be me. Put me in his car and let me use his cell phone to call my girl to pick up my car. Went to high school with him. Couldnt believe I got to keep the car. As I looked out the back window, the cops were taking turns getting pictures of them with there foot on my front bumper, like some "great hunter" or something. I had a broken tail light lense and a bent fender, but that crown vic that finally got me (after I blew out my front right tire), must have had 5 different types of fluid leaking out of it and it's front end looked like my rear bumper was eating it.


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