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  1. pont3
    03-18-2024 09:41 PM
    I respectfully request that you reveal in the lobby as to why a certain thread was shut down in the Clubhouse. I understand that you retain the rights to make any decisions you deem necessary. However, it is my understanding that the Clubhouse would be un-moderated and those who entered understood the risks. You closed the thread and I, among others, would like to know where the line was crossed. I am not asking for a personal response as I think it will serve all who are confused better by posting a statement in the lobby. Just a suggestion.

    Perhaps you already have plans to address this and I may simply be premature in my request. If that is indeed the case, please disregard this request.
  2. MikeyB
    01-20-2024 03:01 PM
    Given my post, in your opinion which tech section would be best
  3. 1st65
    01-18-2024 02:48 PM
    How do I find 1961-1966 big Pontiac tech
  4. Tom Vaught
    04-04-2023 07:36 PM
    Tom Vaught
    Stuart, bart, a quick question for me?

    Dragncar and I have done business on several Pontiac Items.

    A Scat Crankshaft and some connecting rods, and other stuff, etc.

    He is a good guy.

    You have banned Gach from all of the forums except for the Street Section.

    So Dragncar asked me thru a friend if I would bounce a idea by you and Bart.

    The idea would be Move dragncar's posts to the race section. dragncar's idea

    So if you moved dragncars posts to the race section Gach would not be able to stir the chit with him.

    This came dragncar to a friend then to me to
    ask the question

    dragncar and charlie66 idea, not mine.

    Tom Vaught
  5. Tom Vaught
    03-25-2023 12:30 PM
    Tom Vaught
    The chit stirrers are doing it because they do not like Tom Vaught and blame me for GTOGEORGE being gone.

    The chit stirrers look for Tom Vaught.

    Is it possible to lock Tom Vaught so that that logon is no longer valid and
    accept a new member with Zero Posts named "Sam Tieng"?
    I see that a lot of members do not list an address any longer. So Tom Vaught would disappear from the PY Board. They would be happy. I could still log-on and buy parts if I saw something I wanted.

    But the chit stirrers would no longer see Tom Vaught making posts on the board.
    Then their assumption would be I was also banned, like George, and they would be happy.

    I would still be able to buy the occasional Pontiac part and it would be shipped to my new address.

    Talk to Bart and give me your thoughts on this. I would not be a scammer just a "argument avoider".

    TV (Sam Tieng)
  6. Tom Vaught
    10-09-2022 01:56 PM
    Tom Vaught
    Apparent to me that Champ is trying to stir the chit by saying I posted false info I received from the BP Technical Expert. The information was not an opinion but a fact related to diesel oil in gasoline engines.

    That being said I am done with that thread.

    Thanks for removing the non-essential info from the thread.

    Champ would love to get me removed from the board, for some reason.
    Not sure what his problem is. He has been that way for years.

    Doesn't matter, maybe I will not post in the street section for a few days.

    The member who wanted the proper line boring done on his engine was very happy
    with the contact I gave him, so sometimes the posts do some good for someone.

    Have a great Day Stuart.

    Tom Vaught
  7. Tom Vaught
    06-22-2022 10:41 PM
    Tom Vaught
    Stuart /Bart, can you fix neighbors complaints 300+ percent pictures post.

    It screws up the whole formatting in the street topic.

    Thanks Tom Vaught
  8. po65to
    02-19-2022 04:49 PM
    I figured as much, and I did not respond to him. Thanks for verifying what I thought might be the case.
  9. po65to
    02-19-2022 02:22 PM
    Was just checking on someone who sent me two PM’s and it says suspended under their name. Seems kind of strange that he responded to two items I am looking for in 61 to 77 GTO wanted. Krennelly33 was the name.
  10. Sirrotica
    02-05-2022 04:38 PM
    Stuart, I have a quick question about censoring signatures. When do you start censoring the "FDT!" (F*ck Donald Trump!) in signatures? Or doesn't that meet political standards?

    What you censored on my signature, I would think should also be imposed on the offenders on the other side of the aisle equally. I think you'll agree, it's only fair to police all the members equally, not just the members on one side.

    I'll let you figure out who the offenders are, you found my signature violation without help. Hopefully I'll see both sides get equal treatment. Just want to keep it fair, and balanced, as I'm sure C. Cass, and the moderators do to. Thanks for your time in the matter.

    All the best, Brad Yost, alias Sirrotica, a true Pontiaddict.

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