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gtopercy 12-18-2018 10:43 PM

help with wheels and tires for a 2002 RA TA WS6
I have a 2002 RA TA WS6 and looking to install a set of torq thrust rims. trying to decide 17" all the way around or 17" front and 18" rear. Not lowering the suspension. Any pics of your TA with this rim and tire setup would be appreciated.

Ccass 06-25-2019 04:16 PM

I'm looking to do something very similar.

Here is a decent video I found on youtube.

erliabol 12-14-2020 10:41 AM

Are you talking about the Torq Thrust American Racing Wheels? A friend has one on his Mustang and it really looks great!

Lee 12-14-2020 11:23 AM

For straight line acceleration, the drive tires NEED some sidewall. When I see an old car with larger diameter wheels on the rear than on the front, my first thought that it is somebody who cares much more about "looks" than actual performance. When I was much younger and participated in "contests of speed" on public roads, I'd size up whatever was next to me based upon their rear tires - no way somebody with huge diameter rims and 30-series sidewalls is going to be able to hook off the line.

I wish I could find my old "Team T/A" BF Goodrich newsletters. When BFG first introduced drag radials, you had to be a team "member" (no cost) to be allowed to buy the tires, so I joined. They sent out a bunch of informative newsletters. In one, a BFG engineer wrote that the reason wheel diameter had increased on performance cars, was to allow for larger brakes - but the wheels only needed to be big enough to allow for caliper clearance.

I'll concede that NOW, it is virtually impossible to get a quality tire (other than drag radials) that is smaller than 17" diameter.

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