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einstein 04-30-2021 06:13 PM

Member posting for sale items, won't respond
Would we consider a fellow member offering items for sale to be a "business entity"?

Several people (me included) are posting to the for sale posts that the member has not responded for weeks or even months. He's added several new posts of FS items in the last day or so.

However he's active elsewhere such as Lobby.

Can/should a moderator assist?

PM me if yes, please.

b-man 04-30-2021 06:58 PM

Yes he’s a business entity.

Use this thread to name him and ask what is the issue.

As moderators there’s no action we can take.

einstein 04-30-2021 07:20 PM

RAJ7395. There are posts in the 67-81 Firebird & TA Parts FOR SALE section where has listed items for sale, including some I would like to buy, posted in March. I saw others posting they've been trying to get him to respond since New Years.

He's posted in Lobby threads the last couple of days. I recall many good interactions with him in the Tech forums for early Firebirds in years past.

Why post up parts for sale if nobody can get a response?

Has anyone had good dealings with him recently? Anyone here know him personally?

einstein 05-01-2021 08:39 AM

Thanks, b-man.

Failure must have on my end, as I cannot find a message to RAJ in my SENT box.

My apologies for this mishap.

RAJ7395 05-09-2021 01:41 AM

Hmm.. Just found this thread tonight.

Yes - I'm alive and kicking.

I like to check the site once a day and check to see if any bad news happened within our community, answer PMs, and to check the Firebird forums for questions I can help with or learn from.

When I post a "For Sale" ad, I try to always put "PM me if you are interested" in the text. The reason is that I just don't have time to go back to each thread and check for responses. I respond as quickly as I can to PMs. Regardless of if you are the first to respond to my thread in the ad itself, I only go by the first PM in my inbox.

Einstein - In your particular instance, I did not receive a PM from you so I didn't know you wanted the cables. Hopefully you've received them via the USPS by now.

Anyway - I occasionally part out a bird or two, take what I need for my birds and sell off or give away only those parts that I feel are good enough to use on my own cars. Substandard parts are scrapped or on a rare occasion, I'll give them away.

I'm not in the parts business. I simply/cheaply sell off what don't need as a courtesy to fellow Pontiac folks rather than throwing the parts out. I don't have the space to store much so if cheap items don't sell within a week or two I get rid of them in the local dumpster.

Last year I parted out two 69 birds and sold off the extras along with some other 70 bird parts that I no longer need. The ads were posted for a while, some stuff sold and others did not.

Starting the day before Thanksgiving, I started a major remodel of my kitchen including gutting it down to the studs, pulling down the ceiling, new flooring, wiring, plumbing, cabinets, etc. I'm doing all the work myself. All the items in the kitchen were stuffed into the garage and basement filling up the access corridors to my car parts.

Once I got the kitchen back together enough to reload the cabinets, I regained access to some of the parts and put several more out on the site for sale.

In the middle of the kitchen project, someone wanted some cheap items that I posted before starting the remodel. At that time, everything was a mess and in disarray and I didn't have time to locate and dig them out. Unfortunately, when I did dig out the first item, the buyer passed as he got tired of waiting and bought them elsewhere. Can't blame him for that as I wouldn't done the same thing. As for the rest of what he wanted, he's already pissed so no sense proceeding thus I closed the ads.

I wish the forum had a way for sellers to hide to hide or delete ads to avoid situations like this.

B-man: Can you delete all of my "for sale" ads or move them to the sold folder please??


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