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taktikian 05-22-2021 07:34 PM

Replacement fuel tanks fuel starvation issues
This is probably going to sound like a stupid question-but anyway here goes. I replaced original fuel tank with a Spectra. With the original fuel tank I never had a fuel starvation issue under hard acceleration at high rpm's no matter what fuel level the tank was at. Now I do. All the rubber is new and even went to a RobbMc pump. The only way to avoid it now is to keep tank near full. Would it be possible to add a hose to the fuel pickup inside the tank so that it is drawing from the rear of tank? It is done this way on my inboard boat-rubber hose to bottom of tank . What do you all think? Thanks,Paul:

Scott Thelander 05-22-2021 08:37 PM

did you put in a new sender ?
the sock on the new oreillys stainless was junk
I could hardly blow thru it ,,,,
it also had a harsh factory bend in the tube that looked very restrictive
bought a stainless from napa and all is well/better much more mandrel bend to it and I used that sock

I would believe its the pickup screen or tube,,

taktikian 05-23-2021 09:31 AM

No Scott, I did not put in a new sender. The original looked good,however it seems as though I will be dropping tank again so will look more closely. I did replace the original sock with the O Reilly sock. Did you find a more compatible sock? I had a hard time finding the 3/8 sock. Thanks , Paul

taktikian 05-26-2021 07:35 PM

fuel starvation
Going to drop tank again this weekend and remove the Autotechnic O'reilly sock. Read on a Corvette side that some 70's were having the sock sucked into the pickup tube. A GM service bulletin was even issued on this. Ordered a RobbMc 100 micron prefilter to replace sock. Hope this is it-there are only so many variables. Let's see. Paul

Scott Thelander 05-26-2021 07:40 PM

gas cap ?? mud wasp in your vent tube ??

probably not since you didnt tinker with them ,,

Maybe you have heard this one b4.... "spent a ton of $$$$ on a boat motor once " twice... 3 times ..

yamaha 90 4 stroke bought it new ,,,, ran SWEET first summer ,,,,
the next year ... issues with rpm dropping off after a few minutes up on a plane ....
ran better on 1/2 tank of fuel wierd,,
new fuel lines,,, filters ,,, ignition ,,, warantee issues ....
then I was washing it and saw a mud wasp come out of the vent for the fuel tank ,,,,

yup ... plugged up the vent exit ,,,

taktikian 06-03-2021 04:32 PM

fuel starvation issue resolved
Scott, Dropped tank again. Removed the O'Reilly sock I replaced the original 51 year old sock with and then installed a RobbMc prefilter. All the rpm's I need is back. When I tried to blow thru the new sock there was a lot of resistance. It was not like that when I installed it. I think the ethanol in our fuels is causing the mesh to clam up. Anyway beware of Autotechnic replacement socks

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