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SD421 07-28-2022 02:29 PM

Hop Stop Bars Issue
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Hey anyone,
I have HO racing hop stop bars from 1994 in my GTO. The problem I’m now having is that the attaching point on the differential keeps coming loose on me.. The original attachment is one big square piece of metal washer where the bolt goes thru to center it.
I have looked at The other hop stop bars and they have an actual metal bushing to help keep the bolt located in the differential.

Has anyone been able to purchase just these metal bushings?

The first pic is of with the HR racing bars look like with that square metal washer. The second pic is of the metal bushings I’m looking to find.


67ramair4 07-29-2022 12:10 AM

Hop stop bars issue
I had the identical set on my car for over 20 years, never had to tighten them! Center the raised portion in the bushing hole, use new lockwashers on top of the square piece and torque down.

Scarebird 07-29-2022 12:32 AM


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