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racegto65 06-19-2022 11:23 AM

Has anyone dealt with Pontiac Historical services lately?
Sent a request 4/26/2022 with credit card info.
Card was charged, never received any info, emailed a
few times with no reply and still haven't received my
Are they still in business or just taking money and
not providing service.

John Milner 06-23-2022 04:36 PM

I purchased a PHS last month and got it back very quickly.

mysticmissle 06-26-2022 10:31 AM

Did you receive your information?

S Courter 06-30-2022 07:07 PM

I ordered one recently and received mine back right away. They e-mailed me all the documents.


S Courter 07-01-2022 07:50 AM

I ordered documentation from them May 31 and received it June 4th via email. Not sure the send hard copies anymore.

burd 07-07-2022 08:40 AM

I think he was at the dust off, hes been around for a long time, yiu should be fine. Give him a call.

Ram4king 07-07-2022 10:54 PM

No hard copies mailed anymore
Just an email that you can print out

Ram4king 07-07-2022 10:55 PM

Emails only now

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