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vertigto 06-09-2021 10:22 PM

Heat Shield on RA Manifold?
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On my 1970 GTO driver's side log manifold, there was a heat shield with riser tube to the air cleaner (see pic).

I purchased RARE oversized manifolds to replace the stock logs. Do ram air manifolds use a shield? If so, does someone make one that fits or will the stock one work? necessary?

vertigto 06-09-2021 10:27 PM

I think I found my answer...from OPGI. Of course, backordered until August.

Heat Shroud, 1968-70 GTO Ram Air, D-Port

*Edit...looks like Ames has it too.

burd 06-09-2021 10:51 PM

Barry makes those for everyone. Call him.

vertigto 06-10-2021 07:47 AM

Apologies...Barry who?

I guess the main question is the necessity of using this on the new motor with the new RARE manifolds. Obviously wouldn't be used if I had went the header route. Would also mean backing out the 2 ARP bolts already installed for mounting (and if anytime I wanted/needed to get at the manifolds).

How many of the guys using the RARE manifolds opted to buy/install these? I am assuming the only purpose is to preheat air and route to the air cleaner for emissions purposes? No perceived performance or functionality gain?

Big Bear 06-10-2021 08:59 AM str sonicmotors2010

Scott Thelander 06-10-2021 01:32 PM

"" Heat Shroud, 1968-70 GTO Ram Air, D-Port""
another misled quote by the repoppers

68 HO yes,, 68 ram air no ....
and they fit OVER the head bolt on the threaded stud and held on with a locking castle nut

vertigto 06-10-2021 01:56 PM

This would be on a '70 with the oversized RARE (2.5") reproductions.

Any issue with fitment on those?

unruhjonny 06-10-2021 05:10 PM

those manifolds are only oversized in the ID;
IIRC they have a bit more meat at the pipe connector too - otherwise they are dimensionally identical to originals.

Big Bear 06-10-2021 07:54 PM

Sorry link didnt work . Barry's business is Sonic Motors. Check his e-bay store there is one listed or google and call him.

promptcritical 06-11-2021 02:17 PM

I have them on my 72 HO motor with RARE manifolds. They fit the manifolds fine. I don't let the hot air get to my air cleaner though. I put them on because I want to motor to look stock on the outside.

burd 06-11-2021 07:09 PM

Pick one up at the natz in Ohio in august. Barry’s usually there.

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