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Pull around water box heat tires in 1st gear dry no water. Pull up to line and bring RPM's to 2,600 and side step clutch while mashing the go pedal. Pulled 1.80 60 foot times with the Goodyear F1's and ran a best of 13.0's in our stock 02 WS6 with only mods being air lid and spare tire removed but added SLP bolt on subframe connectors. With DR's car ran a best of 12.75 at Steele, AL.

I would not take it to the track without at least DR’s no sense in grabbing 2nd or 3rd gear and take a change on putting it in the wall! Besides the Z06 is about 500 lbs lighter then you so you will need all the help you can get!

Good luck and be safe!

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