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Not trying to hijack this but I have a couple observations / comments. From what I gather its seems that overfilling a super hydro is no big deal, which jives with responses I got about a post I made last summer on the same basic subject. I had work done on my 60 by some "clowns" that I was reassured knew about working on these old Pontiacs. They were supposed to drain the fluid and install a new filter. After driving home from the shop, I eventually determined that they had overfilled the trans about 6-1/2 qts. I don't see how you can overfill the trans that much wo having a problem + where the hell does all the extra fluid go? I'm not aware of any overflowing that occurred or blowing out the vent or dipstick during the drive home. Anyone care to throw in their 2 cents on this? Thx in advance RA.