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Default This has been fairly common with both the GPs and the A-bodies we've played with.

It was REALLY common back in the Gabriel Hijackers era, because those shock absorbers were several inches longer than stock.

My guess - presuming you DON'T have air shocks - is that the shocks on your GP are longer than stock, too.

While it is kind of irritating, it's good that you noticed it now. It will just means you need to take the extra minute on each side whenever you lift the rear far enough for them to get loose to verify that they are nesting correctly when you lower the jack (or lift).

The only permanent fix would be swapping to shocks that don't extend enough to let the springs drop that far. Dropping enough that they can be moved around slightly but can't come off the mounts is OK, just so long as they can't tilt and come off the top mount (or get kinked in there when you lower the rear).

Air shocks will ALWAYS be long enough to allow the springs to get free. If you have air shocks now because you need a little more height, swap them out for air bags inside the springs and standard length shocks.

Good luck!