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Actually they have had a few drift and drags since that last police escapade a couple months ago. In fact there is another drift and drag scheduled for Feb 12th that I plan to attend.

Sad that the track is giving you such a hard time Steve, but I don't think it's entirely the tracks fault. The Gila Indian reservation the track sits on has imposed some really stringent restrictions, more so than Maricopa County or the city of Phoenix has. Makes life really difficult for the track. Just take a look at Tucson's schedule. It's booked every week all year for 2021. Wildhorse has nothing except the drift and drag Feb 12th I mentioned and some stupid drag queen show for cross dressers the week after. Why a dragstrip entertains that I'll never know, that certainly isn't helping any, but the rest of the calendar year for Wildhorse is blank.

As far as track management goes, they should embrace more events like yours Steve in my opinion if they want the support of the local muscle car crowd. We simply don't have enough events like this in Phoenix, and I feel that track does suffer for it. It's too bad Speedworld is gone, we wouldn't be going through this nonsense if that were still around.

What ever happens, I'll be there supporting any kind of muscle car event that Wildhorse is willing to entertain. When they don't, I'll be at Tucson and Vegas.

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