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Yep John, I think it's a conglomeration of issues.

Wildhorse's advertising needs some work.

The fact they are on reservation land poses issues, as they have had to follow super strict virus restrictions that the Indians put in place, unlike the rest of Maricopa County that has been a bit more relaxed. However the event I showed pictures up above wasn't affected like it had been previously. So I think that end of the issue is clearing up.

I think another issue is the track just doesn't cater to the muscle car crowd with events to draw in more nostalgia racing events. They have NHRA once a year, then some smaller sportsman races off and on and small points meets. So the only time us regulars get to race is on a test and tune night, that's it.

Steve has been the only person I'm aware of that has even bothered to try and put on a nostalgia event. Although just Pontiacs on Sunday, the Saturday before is all makes and models up through (I believe) 1981. So there is a bigger opportunity there to make it something special. We just need more of it.
Then again we get back to the advertising.

Maybe I'm just spoiled coming from Ohio because back East and throughout the mid West was/is filled with so much more of this stuff. Can't understand why the Western states can't seem to get with the program. There is no manual transmission racing out here, no UMTR, no gasser events, no nostalgia events with trophy classes that cater to "real" street cars, nothing in or around Arizona. It's a shame with the car culture being such a huge movement out here and weather year round to cater to it.

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