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As we wait our turn for the body work and paint to happen at Scott Tiemanns, I took the opportunity to 'refurbish' the replacement dash. The original that we removed last fall was severely cracked like a dry lake bed and the new one, while much better, has a few cracks and small shattered depressions that I used a little vinyl repair goop on them and then gave the pad a couple coats to Rustoleum Vinyl Paint that is supposed to be flexible...we'll find out this summer if that is true. This wasn't meant to be a 'restoration' to 'like-new', but just a way to make the pad look more presentable. The pad was decent, but very faded and looked more medium gray than black. Now, I admit that the flat black doesn't quite look right, but it's better than it was, and the crack repair isn't the greatest work on my part, but I hope it stabilized the cracks from spreading further (probably won't).

I'm going to paint the upper core support next week since it is too rough looking compared to the rest of the engine compartment. I'm going to try to save the original 455HO emission sticker, but ordering a repop just incase I ruin in the process.

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