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I don't know Mike. Steve last mentioned in post 35 about having the first weekend of November reserved but as I read it, with a new contract and negotiations needed, that's a tentative date and not concrete.

I still see nothing mentioned about Pontiac Heaven on Wildhorse's website. They do have events listed out to November 13th online, and back on post 46 I put up a picture of the entire year schedule they had in the staging lanes when we were there for a test and tune night back on Feb 12th, with no mention of Nostalgia or Pontiac drags on it. I will say this, it's not the China flu holding anything back at the track anymore. That place was humpin.

I hope it happens, but right now I'm reluctant to spend money on the bird for a couple things I want to try in preparation for the event, not knowing what the future holds.

There are still wild rumors floating around, even up here in Prescott about the track's contract reaching the end of the lease agreement and the Indians wanting to build houses and condos. Just heard more about that yesterday at a local car show, and while I was at Goodguys in Scottsdale last weekend there was more conversation on it down there among several people. I don't know what to believe but it wouldn't surprise me. Not the first time the Indians shut down a track, and apparently Maricopa County doesn't care either since they shut another one down themselves a few years ago. Fingers crossed they get the support they need.

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