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Originally Posted by stobin View Post
I thought I would post this here. I purchased a 2004 GTO 6-speed Yellow Jacket from a co-workers 81 y/o father that had bought the care new. He is not able to drive the car anymore. The car has 87,000 miles and is completely stock. No modification at all. The car is an absolute dream to drive. I wasn't looking to buy this car, but she knew I was a car guy and her dad wanted the car to go to someone that would take care of it. Other than a repair needed on the front nose and back seat headrest stitching, the car in perfect. It almost seems like a waste to modify the car. I would like to put some 18" wheels on it and then most likely leave it alone. I turn the radio down because it sounds so good. I always liked the GTO, and said if I was going to buy one, it would be the yellow one. The car is solid, no rattles. The build quality is impressive. I know a lot of people tend to downgrade the 2004 because of the flat hood, single exit exhaust and 5.7 vs 6.0, but I really don't like the scooped hood much and the single side exhaust actually looks good to me. I do like the '06 tail lights though.
Any mods that you've added to it as of today?
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