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Default need a little help with timing?

hello i recently installed a rebuilt 250 sprint engine in a 67 tempest sprint that i bought on this forum. I finally got everything together and running . it runs decent but doesn't seem to have the power that it should. here are a few details, its a zh engine, and it has a bossbird pulley . i used the distributor and the carb (7026261) from the 230 engine that was in the car originally. its hooked to a 200r4 with 355 gears i also installed a pertronix module. i ran an additional wire that supplies 12 volts to the coil. I have played with the timing some and it is much better that before but i dont think its where it should be power wise. im wondering if the distributor would have a different timing curve and also if the carb would have different jets and idle tubes.any help is greatly appreciated
thanks Bryan