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Originally Posted by grd777 View Post
Also looking at. 2000 ws6
4th gens have a few maladies. All of them can have weak power window motors. The only repair is to replace the motor. Headlight gears can strip. The later cars (98 on up) get cracks in the door panels. The sail panels on the later cars can have bubbling which is caused by the glue they used on the panel. The top dash panel tends to crack if the car has been outside for a long time. You can still buy it new from GM but they are $$$$. The rear axle bump stops also disintegrate with time. Several choices from the aftermarket are available. I used a pair of third gen bump stops on my 1993. They bolt right in and are made of rubber.

The biggest issue with LT1 cars (1993-1997) is the Optispark distributor. I would recommend buying only a AC Delco distributor if you need to replace it. The LT1 cars use reverse cooling, no issue with overheating that I have seen. If a car runs hot, I would check to see if the cooling system has been properly flushed and maintained.

Good luck!
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