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Also have purchased the Pedders Extreme Xa coil over kit and various suspension items to do the entire front and rear of the car all at the same time. I have already installed a custom ground EPS/Cam Motion cam and WCCH ported 243 stage 2 heads. Cam is 602/602 lift, 218/226 duration on a 116.5 LSA. Have not tuned it yet but it runs and drives very nice, no issues but can't jump on it yet. I wanted something with a ton of torque and with a realistic duration and LSA so I pass smog.
1973 Pontiac Grand Am ERL built 430 CI LS7, Brodix STS BR7 heads, Magnum T-56 6-speed, Modulare 19" wheels, QA1/Global West/Speedtech suspension, Wilwood 6/4 piston brakes. BMW Donnington Gray paint. All wrapped up in a Hurst Pontiac tribute theme.
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