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Circa. late 70's. I had a 70 GTO 400 ISKY cam, 4 speed, Saf-T-Trac 3.73 geared with Hooker headers, header mufflers, scatter shield, ladder bars, L-60 tires (remember those?) Accel distributor, super coil, Hurst super shifter, driveshaft loop. The car was bad azz and I got pulled up on all the time. Raced a 70 Camaro several times never lost. Raced one of those yellow Olds with the box on the hood and kicked his butt. One night a blue metal flake Road Runner with Cragers on it pulls up next to me. We raced twice and he lost and was visibly upset. I had one friend who was a typical no car MOPAR freak and didn't think my car was fast and says there is a Road Runner who could kick my azz, so I said is it metal flake blue with Cragers on it? He says yeah, how did you know? I says I beat him TWICE last night. He says: NO WAY! that car has a HEMI in it! lol

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I got one. I’ll try to shorten it up. I was in my mid 20’s. My buddy had a 72 camaro with 454. Red/welds/L88 hood. Very cool car. Ported oval ports, comp 306 solid (260-629-110) big HVH intake 850 Holley 11.1. 3500 stall 4.10’s. Stock suspension. No traction bars or connectors yet ( iirc)
We’re at a local hot spot on 29x10 slicks ( I was in his daily driver s10 truck as support vehicle cause combo was new)

So these knuckleheads had a gold 68 camaro big n littles. Big block “396” with a cheater. Fresh from the 1/8 mile track... beers on their breath. Real Hillbilly types ( which is nothing wrong with that) Lol
They run heads up 3-4 times. Slicks to slicks. All steel to all steel. “ motor to motor” ( yeah right...). We lose.. we lose again.. we lose again. We have NO traction on this grooves type pavement!! Our motor made 575hp on an engine dyno and never got nitrous testing. It was a NOS big shot spray bar plumbed into the plenum for low hood clearance.

Pills were set at 200Hp. All forged motor.. LOVED the juice!!
OMG this thing was nasty on the jug. He said SCREW IT... bottle to their “ straight motor” ( you could hear them purging etc). I’m in the support vehicle at the finish line. Not even 660feet. I forget why this was the place but whatever... here they come...... our motor to their bottle. We’re losing AGAIN... and then in 2nd gear something happened. The nitrous was activated and a demonic howl came from the 850 double pumper.. the sound of this engine on juice I cannot put into words. This is why we’re are here on this site for moments like what I’m talking about!!!!!! We’re at 2/3 car deficit until the bottle was hit

As fast as I could turn my head we had 2 BLOCKS on this car!!!!!! They passed my and this red camaro was in another zip code. I will never forget that night!!!

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I found a pic!
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GOD does business with people that mean business!
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Default The odds against a kid and his GTO were enormous

At 16 and having nothing else to do I drove my 64 GTO htp to Beeline Dragway east of Phoenix where I lived as they had open ET classes on some weekends. To my big surprise the place was slammed with race cars, the grand stands were totally full of people, it was Winter Nationals! I entered the class appropriate for a 14 second car as mine had a 70 YS 400 and a 400 turbo, only mods were headers and G 60s. Somehow that snot nosed kid with only one prior trip to the drags won his class. On to racing the other class winners and around race number 10 my 64 was up against a slower classed 69 Cougar, his green came in what seemed a long time before mine and he got off to a great start. I can remember thinking there is no way to make up that much ground. The intensity of that moment was huge but somehow I managed to also get a good start. It was clear, I was going to have to push her to the limit this time to have any chance. At half track the Cougar was no longer pulling away as I was now coming into the higher side of second gear where she would pull hard, the gap was now starting to close but it still didn't seem possible. Third hit and the Cougar was giving up ground. I was screaming inside as my GTO managed to pull a fender ahead right at the finish line. For an instant the insanity of winning what for me was a huge race and moving up in the classes again was truly unbelievable. That instant was as quickly crushed when the red light came on the track sign, I had beaten the Cougar and my best time but had also gone under my 14 second dial in which meant I had broken out and lost the race. As I slowed and rounded the corner where the time ticket shack was, it seemed not worth it to stop for the loosing ticket, as I passed, the ticket guy was waving at me to stop so I backed up to hear him say "you won kid"! Then explain the Cougar had also red lighted but by more than I had which meant back to the staging lanes again. On it went, the odds of a kid with nothing but some street races and a few passes as experience going on to win 13 races in a row against a bunch of guys, some serious is incalculable! I drove my beloved GTO home that night having won the ET classes but for me it's that race against the Cougar that will always be, my best race ever!

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It was early summer of 1988 I was driving my 69 GTO to work Iike always. It was about 6:00 in the morning as I passed through Haden Lake on 95 headed north. Back then there was a stop light on the highway at the edge of town. It was red so I coasted up and stopped alongside a car sitting in the right lane.
That car was a 1966 Chevy II and the moment I came to a stop the light turned green. He obviously had been watching me roll up as the instant the light changed he nailed the gas and side stepped the clutch. Boom! I was caught by surprise but, I'm always up for a race so I punched it too.
That Nova jumped about a car length ahead of me right off the bat. We stayed that way for bit and when he got to the top of second gear I shifted into second and that's when that old 400 really started pulling hard. Now I was gaining on him and by the time the Nova shifted into 3rd I had about 5 mph on him and I pulled past.
As I roared on by he grinned and raised his hand as to wave. But, then his eyes popped wide open and his jaw dropped. I knew then that he had seen the empty car trailer I was pulling. I shifted into 3rd and slowed down to the speed limit and went on in to work with a grin on my face.

But the best was yet to come. At lunch one of the crew says he had pulled up at the same light just before the race started and he saw the whole thing. He then recounted to the whole crew how I smoked that Chevy II while pulling my car trailer.
It still brings a smile to my face today

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