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My first car was a 68 OHC Sprint, 3-speed manual, Vedoro Green Firebird coupe.
I was 15, bought at a used car auction in 1973 for $635.00. Drove it home with my learners permit.

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This thread could also be called "cars I wish I hadn't sold":

68 Chevelle 6 cyl 3-spd... $0 in '72
Was a gift from my parents after they made me sell my 50 Chevy. My dad was transferred and his employer wouldn't pay to move my car... they did move the 327 that was going into the 50 coupe and it went into the Chevelle
66 Fairlane GT 390 4-spd... $650 in '74
Got a deal because it had a noisy transmission. Replaced the bearing on the input shaft, was good to go.
50 Ford pickup with 327 Chevy... $400 in '77
Engine was frozen... had a pinched rod bearing, easy fix. Wife and I still refer to it as Rocket Truck.
63 Falcon... $75 in '79
OK, anti-muscle car but was my best deal ever. My new manager knew my salary, felt sorry for me, and gave me his beater. Later sold it to a neighbor under similar empathy rules for $150.

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Default 1973 Bonneville 455

Some of you probably remember the oil embargo late 70's , well around 1979-80 we would chip in as a bunch of friends and buy joy ride barges with 455 (bigger better lol) for $50 or so and drive them to the ground, go as fast as we could (reckless drinking and driving in the country roads or dirt roads... lucky I didn't kill myself or others , sometimes we would put a brick or rock on the gas pedal and blow the engine, another instance we damage the transmission and could only drive on reverse. What bad teens we were, kicking myself. Now some of these beaters are 5000$ + Unbelievable !

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68 GTO 4 spd $600 in 1975. Maybe 60K miles. Inflation calculator puts that at $2935 today for a performance car 7 years old. Think I had to put in a clutch and some exhaust work. Equally as cheap as I did the job myself in the service station I was working at the time. After the embargo, I think regular was 49 cents? Premium (with lots of lead!) a little more; not too bad yet.


65 Tempest, 400, TH400
86 Fiero SE 2.8
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65 GTO convertible, trippower 4 spd for $300 in 1974 from a Buick dealer. Still in high school. Had 95k miles on it. Never heard of a GTO until my buddy pushed me to buy it. I had 2 six bangers before the goat so this was a huge power increase. Had a lot of fun in that car, raced everyone, finally blew the 389 up after a year of abuse. My buddy bought it off me for $75 and put a Chevy 6, 250 ci in and sold it. Never saw the car again.

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1970 1/2 Trans AM, Ram Air III 4-speed, AC, Sandlewood deluxe interior. Bought 2 days after the "Blizzard of 78" in Ohio. Dug it out of 30" of snow. Owner said "$1500.00 cash only, bring your own battery!" Tossed a battery in it, drove it home.

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Have bought a lot of cars for under a grand and that includes my Judge (1986ish). Today (well last year) $2500 was pocket change. Market this year has gone nertz but doubt it will last. Have eight at moment evenly distributed from 1970 to 2012. Five are two seaters.. All but one have garage doors. Only have one 4 cyl but it is boosted. All have AC. One is a long roof tow car (have had a tow car since 1972).

Moved to central Florida in 1984 partly because things do not rust here. Had home built with intention of a lot of garage space despite being in development with sidewalks and a HOA. Just takes planning.

ps being anchient I remember 22c/gal for premium. Drive all night for a dollar. Those were also days of Ripple, Boones Farm was a step up.

pps was recently told that one of my old cars (paid a grand in 1970) sold for a quarter mil.

Orlando - Where rust must be imported.
Web Site

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In 1962 I bought my first Pontiac - a 1961 Ventura 2 door hardtop, black with the tri-blue interior, 425A engine w/tri-power, 4 speed Borg-warner transmission and Posi rear, PS and PB. Traded in a 1955 T-bird on price on $1895.00. Car had 12K miles on the odometer. Drove it for a year and rebuilt the transmission twice due to gear breakage. The Borg was not a good transmission back then. But the car would really perform! Sold it back to the dealer to get a down payment to buy our first house in 1963.

Bought 2 new GTOs - a 1967 400 hdtp with 4 speed, etc. - paid $3250 and 1971 455HO w/ 4 speed, etc. for a little over $5K - 4 speed, etc. - brutal car even though they had dropped the compression ratio down into the 8 plus area. Shifting out of 3rd to 4th at 90 mph it would chirp the tires and plant you back into the seat again. Have had many other Pontiacs over the ensuing years and still driving the latest ones - 2008 G8GT, 2009 G8GT and 2009 Solstice GXP. Have fun while you can!

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July 1969 drove my GTO off the showroom floor for $3604.00 I believe it was. Have to look at the paper work to confirm.


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