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Default new rally 2 trim ring removal

I got a set of rally 2 trim rings from our sponsor and they look great, but fit VERY tight. I had a hard time hitting with hand to get them to snap down in. On one, I noticed the valve stem got misaligned more than I like. It's actually touching on the side of the ring slot opening and I want to remove and center better. Luckily I noticed it before I hit it all the way flush where the valve stem is. So, I have about 1/4" gap at outside rim edge and ring as well as at backside of rim and ring so I can get my fingers in there, but not much leverage. I tried a heavy duty paint stick in back, but I need something more durable and am afraid I may start kinking the trim ring. I also can't leverage it enough at the rim edge. Anyone have these newer trim rings and have any tips on removal? What if a guy has a flat or wants new tires. How do these come off without destroying?

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Called our sponsor and they said just try prying and wiggling. Sounds like if you have to remove, expect damage and replace.

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I went through a similar thing a couple years ago. I started a thread about it, and how I "fixed" the problem...basically bending the mounting tangs a bit to make them easier to get on and off.
I'm not sure which type of retention your rings might use, but if it's the same, maybe my solution will help...
Good luck

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The first one I actually started pushing the fingers in some, thinking it would take tension off as I pushed the ring on the rim. I didn't want to mess up new rings, so I gave up and forced it on. It went, but tighter than I liked. I did get the one off that I was concerned was misaligned with the valve stem and got it straight. I think if I ever have to get one off again, it'll be damaged.

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In addition to what Squidtone stated, use a small amount of dish soap on the tangs and a rubber mallet.

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