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Somebody has got to win that PowerBall ... sometime , somewhere .
You could be NEXT !

A few Christmas's ago was out & about with my Mom and Brother,
We stopped at a store for something -
and i got the idea of making us all millionaires for Christmas !

Bought all of us a PB Ticket for Christmas gift { }
We all picked out our own "lucky numbers" - and i did 1 more ticket letting the computer generate the lucky numbers.

Deal was - if any ticket WON - we split it 3 ways.
None of us even matched ONE NUMBER with our "lucky numbers"
..... the stupid computer matched 2 numbers

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Originally Posted by ponyakr View Post

My decision was pretty much made FOR me.

It was strictly dictated by finances...........Finally dawned on me that I can't afford a Pontiac hobby................

BUT, if I win a million or more Powerball money, my Pontiac hobby will be instantly revived & upgraded, tremendously !

Well, I should have read from page one first..... sorry things played that way. The cars are a money pit. They are a huge energy effort. As I age I find more and more value in simplicity. Trade offs in everything.

Wish you luck. There is a demand here for old school hot rod wrenchers, not sure if that is side money potential there. BTW, I worked for the old Century Tel which started as a family company out of Monroe.

72 Esprit, flat hood, 455HO
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"Somebody has got to win that PowerBall...
You could be NEXT !..."

Yep ! That's the way I see it.

I've got the Powerball number maybe a dozen times. And I've got the PB + 1 several times. So, I reckin $7 is the most I've ever won.

But hey, it only takes ONE ticket with all the right numbers, to change a person's life.

I'm probably NEXT !!!

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Default The Caddy

Hey ya'll, I just got a blast-from-the-past !

I think I probably mentioned this in this story. Not sure tho.

Anyhow, back in either '77 or '78, probably both years, when we went to the div 4 Bracket Finals @ Green Valley Race City, in Texas, there was a very unusual bracket car there. It was a full size Caddy.

My memory tells me it had a 500 cube engine with 2-fours on it. May be wrong about that. Anyhow, to our surprise, it ran 11's.

We'll, we really got a surprise a few minutes ago. TJ was lookin at the FB page of a lady that was married to a guy that raced with us back then. She also worked in the tower at 2 of the TX tracks where we raced.

Well, she posted a pic & a link to this article I'll link here. It's about that Caddy we saw at Green Valley. She had gone to those bracket finals & also remembered the Caddy. Hey, back then, you didn't see an 11 sec Caddy just every day.


And, speakin of those TX tracks, a guy who ran 2 of 'em just posted this pic. It's showing what the former Tyler TX track looks like today. Looks like some sort of business out there now.

Pics 3 & 4 show how part of it looked in '78.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	Flash in '78 .jpg
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Name:	Former Tyler Track .jpg
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ID:	581645   Click image for larger version

Name:	I-20 Tree & GTO .jpg
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Name:	Tyler '78 .jpg
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I just read this whole thing beginning to end and it’s a real page turner. You and your wife are definitely a match made in Heaven. I’m glad you two picked Pontiac for your car of choice. Sounds like you two have made other people respect Pontiac over the years. You are a real deal gear head. Appreciate you taking the time to share your Pontiac journey.

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Default Thanks !

Believe me, it has been our pleasure !

We got to relive some really great times in our lives, both thru the pics & telling the story.

TJ would remember some things I didn't, & vice versa. And the scrapbook & racing journals reminded us of some things both of us had forgotten.

Getting it all in this thread would have been a LOT easier if I'd known how to use a computer. But I had to learn as I went along. Didn't even know how to upload pics back then.

Didn't have home internet at first. Did some inside the library in the town about 7 miles away. Spent many hours parked in the library parking lot, so I could use their internet when they were closed.

Now, it's like so many other things in life. "It's easy when you know how to do it."

And, we now have cheap home internet, since they put up a new AT&T tower about a mile from us.

Our verizon hot spot internet had a 24gig monthly limit, IIRC. So, when we had that, I still had to go to the library a LOT, so TJ could have more time on her Mac desk top. Now I think our monthly limit is more than 350gigs, for just the base plan. We never even come close to that.

I have posted so many pics of Stock & Super Stock drag Pontiacs on so many sites, it seems that most every time I Google for some kind of Pontiac drag car I see some pics I posted somewhere.

It's a computer world. But I still remember when I use to say something like: " All I know about a computer is which part the mouse is, & that's all I wanna know about 'em. "


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