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Default Loose rear springs on 69 GP

I have a 1969 Grand Prix Model J that I'm getting running after 40 years of being in a garage. It's running and driving at this point, but when I have it up on a lift, and the rear suspension is at full droop, the rear springs dont even contact the cups. You can move them around and they miss contacting the cups by a couple of inches. The isolators are falling apart and I have more ordered. My question is if the springs should still be in contact at full droop. I'm thinking I need new springs, but I wanted to ask this forum before I get some.

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Default This has been fairly common with both the GPs and the A-bodies we've played with.

It was REALLY common back in the Gabriel Hijackers era, because those shock absorbers were several inches longer than stock.

My guess - presuming you DON'T have air shocks - is that the shocks on your GP are longer than stock, too.

While it is kind of irritating, it's good that you noticed it now. It will just means you need to take the extra minute on each side whenever you lift the rear far enough for them to get loose to verify that they are nesting correctly when you lower the jack (or lift).

The only permanent fix would be swapping to shocks that don't extend enough to let the springs drop that far. Dropping enough that they can be moved around slightly but can't come off the mounts is OK, just so long as they can't tilt and come off the top mount (or get kinked in there when you lower the rear).

Air shocks will ALWAYS be long enough to allow the springs to get free. If you have air shocks now because you need a little more height, swap them out for air bags inside the springs and standard length shocks.

Good luck!

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It didnt cross my mind that the shocks could be wrong! They are not air shocks, so I'll start looking into what is presently on the car, and compare that to what the stock specs are supposed to be.

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Update: I measured the extended length of the shocks, and they are right at the stock spec of 20.6 inches. I removed the springs and the free length just sitting on the ground was at 11 1/4". New springs have a free length at least 2" taller than this. I ordered a set of new springs from ESPO Springs and Things. I see a UPS notification that they are being delivered today. The new springs and isolators should get me at the point that they will stay seated with the axle at full droop. I'll update again when I have them installed.
As a side note, Laura from Springs and Things has been phenomenal to correspond with. She returns your emails unbelievably quick, and is very knowledgeable. I wish all vendor customer help personell had this level of service! Wow!


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