Non Pontiac Motors in Pontiacs includes factory 403,305,350 Chevy, Buick V6,
Also Pontiac Motors in non-Pontiacs!

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Originally Posted by Interceptor View Post
So after all did the 5.3 non-turbo compare to the 455 in driveability? And then the 6.0? HP and torque may be similar but the rpm curve is higher. I've been thinking of going LS but reluctant to lose the bottom end torque. I REALLY miss the power of my 11-sec T-Type so was thinking LS turbo, but don't want to drive around a gutless turn when off boost.
the 5.3 with just a cam and springs change was running 8.20's at the 1/8, 3.55 gears, 1.90 60' time with nittos, little motor was pretty stout and move quick, when I installed the ebay gt45 turbo it was defenetely a beast, But I am not a tunner so I over boosted the little motor doing a burnout, showing off to my coworker and damaged the P. rings, car drove fine, no over heating.
I am sure it would have run low 11's maybe 10's, the 6.0 I didn't really have a chance to drive it, my buddy came over and convinced me to sell him the motor for his rs camaro, tell you true I wasn't happy with the ls in my car, now I am it's gonna have a 455, Edelbrocks, roller cam, undecided on trans th400 or 200r4.

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It's been a long while..... any updates on the car?


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