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Thanks for the offer Dave but I'm not sure what tranny I'm going to use yet. If I go with the long tail then the measurement would be a big help.

I'd like to use the short tail tranny I have because I know it wasn't abused. It's from a 69 up Grand Prix 428 / 455...

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Default Long Tail/short tail

Man it's been a long time since I've been on here....Anyway, I'm going to answer a question on this from so far ago....the question was about the long tail or short tail and the fact is that both will work, the drive shaft is longer of course with the shorter transmission...64 1/2" I think for the short tail if I remember right. My Wagon has a long tail 400 behind a 455 and my "Racecar", a 64 Catalina 4 Dr sedan has a short tail 400 behind a 455. One has a drive shaft loop and one does not. With the short tail trans, the car at 3960 Race weight went 11.93 in the 1/4 with a 150 shot of NO2 and 89 octane pump gas, at Sears Point Raceway (infineon)sp. I have the time slip......

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Default back to the top

a lot of questions about this again

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Default Might go turbo 400

Reviving this old thread.. The Super Hydramatic in my 63 BV is not shifting up in to 4th.. Guy wants $3500 to rebuild it. Found a complete 64 Catalina with 3 on the tree and may convert to 4 speed but since the '64 block is drilled and tapped for a block mounted starter I may use it in my '63 and go with a Turbo 400 instead. That would allow my wife to be designated driver on occasion.. So which is the easiest way to go? Long tail? Short tail? I already have the fine spline yoke.. Does the stock driveshaft have to be shortened? Cross member moved?

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A manual transmission in a Bonneville back then would be a long tail. I don't know how that translates to a Turbo 400, I imagine you'll need to make some measurements to compare it to the Super Hydramatic. One good thing is a Bonneville has a larger transmission tunnel so there should be less potential interference with a Turbo 400.

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Bonneville floor should accommodate the THM 400 with no issues. I would use the long tail. Leave the cross member where it is and just extend the mount porch.
If you can do what Ron did and find a 64 Cadillac Deville, Eldorado or Fleetwood pan, it will solve the filler tube issue. Or weld where the filler tube goes into the Roto pan to the 400 pan.
You may need to use the 2321 transmission mount.

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