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1967 gto lower hood latch assembly, and also just the spring for this part.

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70-73 FULL REAR FRAME RAIL SECTIONS, 70, 71, 72, 73 f-body dash blower switches, f-body vertical chrome window trim, f-body stainless front & rear winshield reveal sets, 70-72 A-body full 1/4s, 68-72 A-body stainless wheel opening sets, door shells for 2nd gen F's & 70-72 A's, more window regulators, 70-73 F-body turn signal lenses, 70-73 front valance

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The clips that attach to the driver-side motor mount used to hold the starter wires and positive battery cable on 1970 Ram Air III/IV cars (A-body & F-body). I know it's tough to reproduce a one-year only part, but I thought I'd ask. I can send pictures if you need them.

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early 60's poverty hub caps!

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I would love to see some Repro seatcovers and door panels for B body 4 door cars and Wagons. also Bonneville rear door armrests and pads. Thanks, Jeff

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Cool 1966/67 full quarter panels!!

I'm with the majority, please push the manufacturer to finish the panels and HELP all of us!... I'll take take two!

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Default 70 to 72 Rear Wheel well moldings

Do a nice job on these and you'll make a fortune. Crappy ones are hitting $300+ for a pair. What's the hold up?


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Default Us too!

Don't forget us LeMans guys!

- LeMans taillight gaskets (inner and outer)

- PONTIAC filler panel nameplate

- '67 A/T neutral safety switch (these are harder to find than NOS lighted ignition locks!)

- A-body 2-door hardtop door edge guards


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If I missed it earlier- door pull straps and end pieces for 2nd gen f body

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How about '72 GTO/LeMans front grilles (the whole front end forward of the fenders)?

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Lower door panel plastic for early 2nd gen Birds(1972). All plastic peices molded in white( It's easier to change the color)

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Horn relay for 1970 GTO-currently discontinued by all aftermaket companies and transmission kick down switch for 1970 GTO. Having to try to find ones on EBAY to fix a car that had an engine fire.

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Originally Posted by ddonnelly
Horn relay for 1970 GTO-currently discontinued by all aftermaket companies and transmission kick down switch for 1970 GTO. Having to try to find ones on EBAY to fix a car that had an engine fire.
We are working on the Horn Relay. It should be available this winter. I think we have the kickdown switch for your 70. Give us a call.

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Ok, I'm pretty sure I've read all 36 pages (started before this page went down for updating, continued today)...

Originally Posted by 73Formula400
Full factory style quarter-panels for 1970-73 Firebirds
Originally Posted by Beebe
70-73 Firebird Tail Panel.......
Originally Posted by 70TransAm
Correct Trunk Drop Off Panel
for 70-73 Firebirds.
I agree with these three posts whole heartedly...

I was at the CI showroom in mid june (2005), and saw full quarters for '67/8 Firebirds, '69 firebirds, and the real teaser was '70 Camaros... it can't be too far off... their camaro cat also list the rear tail panel...

I also saw fisrt gen bird grilles... I'm not a 1st gen guy, but they looked good...

PY has been doing a great job of making some pieces, I really like the repop 70-71 Espri/ Formula bumper bird... really close...

There's a (supposedly) Butler repeop RAIV intake/ heads in the works - but I saw an auction for (?)the parts place that had an undated RAIV intake...? anyone have an update... with the butler pieces you were even supposed to be able to specify a date code...

Originally posted by Lloyd-TX:
How about a fuel tank sending unit for a '72 Formula 400?
I found out earlier this year that the 70-73 Firebird 4bbl fuel sender isn't available... I might have found one source, but I'm not even sure of them... most people I talk to modify the I-6/ V-8 2bbl sender... I'm sure there's a market there too...

I've also noticed that the 1st gen camaro bumperettes have their rub strips available - mabey someone could check if it's similar to the 71-73 Firebird buperette rub-strips... or mabey the originnal maker of those rub strips still makes them... Sorry, I can't find a GM part number...

What about correct 1973-1974 Firebird rubber floor mats? (in various colours of course!) – these ones are a little oversized (compared to the 1975-1981 mats) and often are completely wrecked after 30+ years of use…

Originally Posted by racerboy
Reproduction JW/KR Rally II wheels (15" wheel with 14" center).
Great idea!

Originally posted by Judge Smails:
The front/bottom sections of the 70-81 rear frame rails where they run parallel to the ground. Please see ebay auction # 4557978668, which I won. THIS is where they virtually always rust out, almost never in the area which the present repro covers. There is a huge market for this part as it would fit all Gen2 Camaros as well, and tooling costs should be fairly minimal. Reproducing this part would make INFINITELY more sense than the utterly bizarre decision to reproduce the 70-81 F-body trunk lids, which number well into the TRILLIONS used. Thank you.
There probably is a big market for these – it took me quite a while to find a set of decent used ones for my car…

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I would like to see :

A cheap Valiance panel for the rear of the 70-72 lemans/gto
225 is the cheapest I found and thats alot for a stamped small piece of steel

Cheaper Rear wings for 70-72 gto/lemans for the guys who just want to add one to a non show car. Doesnt have to be a concurs level replica same for the valenance

Fenders for 70-72 lemans/gto they seem to be hard to find in reproductions maybe I am wrong but I thought PY doesnt carry them. I'll post more later when I think of it.

72 Lemans
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Originally Posted by 72_lemans
How about '72 GTO/LeMans front grilles (the whole front end forward of the fenders)?
That also along with the chrome inserts. ALSO MY MOST IMPORTANT
70 to 72 ARROW HEAD For the nose. I got one on my car lucky for me but ALOT of bastards pull them off when they see em thats for sure!

72 Lemans
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Default 64 GTO Hood

I have a NOS hood on my car currently. If something happened to it I would be left with using some POS fiberglass one or a crusty original. Having said that I would spend $1000 for a quality repro. as a insurance policy. 2 years ago I was offered $2500.00 plus a very decent used hood for mine at a car show. The serious 64 owners will spend the money, and the 100-150 that Ccass spoke of are the same ones who will never ever do anything with there cars. Just my 2 cents, thanks for your time. J

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I believe that the metal rear valence for 70-71 can be purchased new for about $160. That might not be as inexpensive as you would like, but I think you can buy the plastic reproduction for about $90?

As for the rear wing, there are many of the early reproduction rear wings that were just flat out sorry pieces. With the new reproduction, these repos are very inexpensive to purchase used.

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Cool '70-'72 rear bumpers...

Why have these produced no interest? They fit three years of cars, some of them in the most desireable category. They are scarce and bringing big bucks in restorable condition. They were done for '68s, who is restoring '68s? What is the most valuable '68 out there and how does it compare in value to the rarest '70 or '71 Judge?

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Would like to see radiator coolant recovery jar for 1980 TA


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