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Old 03-14-2021, 02:32 PM
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Default The Dash Pad Factory - thieves or not?

So here is my problem with the Dash Pad Factory:
I am restoring a 1970 Judge convertible and I need a 4-speed console. Over the years I had collected 5 1970 dash pad cores and 3 1970 console cores, so I thought a trade might be mutually beneficial. I called the Dash Pad Factory and spoke with Allanah on July 9, 2020 and proposed a swap of all my cores for one perfect refinished 4-speed console. She thought it was a good idea (all this can be confirmed with multiple texts) and she sent me 3 shipping labels and off went the 5 dash cores to El Paso on July 24. The deal was to send me back the new console in a box large enough to return ship the 3 console cores. All was good.
Receipt of cores in El Paso was confirmed.
Aug 26, 2020: having delays in obtaining vinyl
Sept 22, 2020: I'll check in the shop and let you know
Sept 25, 2020: About done
Oct 14, 2020: Machine broke, waiting for new pump
Oct 26, 2020: Pump is fixed and we're starting up production
Nov 9, 2020: Text from me "what's going on" - no reply
Nov 16, 2020: telephone conversation "your console is ready to ship"
Nov 30, 2020: Text from me "WTF, you said I would have the console in 5
days?". Reply, "I was on vacation, I'll check on the status"
Dec 14, 2020: Copy of shipping label sent
Dec 16, 2020: Package arrives, AUTO console, rusted, flaking chrome, total crap
I called, reply was "Sorry, I should have checked myself, I'll send
the correct console right out with a return ship label for the wrong one"
Dec 23 - Jan 25: Multiple texts and voice mail messages without reply.
Jan 26, 2021: I spoke with Allanah who apologized and said she would
personally ship out my console herself.
Jan 26, 2021 to present: Multiple texts and voice mail messages go

So, are these people totally dishonest? Has anyone else had dealings good or bad? I understand some of the big name GTO parts suppliers will not deal with the Dash Pad Factory. Anyone want some 4-speed console cores or one crappy AUTO console? Allanah sounded very sweet, but apparently she/they are scam artists and now they have 5 dash pad cores.

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Sounds like they did their apprenticeship at SMS.


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