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Default burnt cars

Hello old friends. My son burnt down my large garage in Denver screwing around with ether and a motorcycle. I lost 50 years worth of cars and bikes and tools and all of my favorite, precious things. Lots of trauma for sure. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of this stuff. I have a 1965 Catalina 2+2 new rebuilt original 421 standard bore before I rebuilt it. Tranny, rear end rebuilt, every little thing perfect before it burnt. 8 lug wheels. 69 disc brake conversion up front which is impossible for most anyone to figure out how to pull off. Same thing on my 66 2-door Bonneville with the eight lug disc brake conversion package. 428 motor from 1968, all newly rebuilt, everything was perfect. My 1969 Bonneville two-door at original 428, newly rebuilt and tranny and every other little thing. I have a couple 400 motors from 1969 I believe, and a couple 428 Motors, one a short block with a crank, as well as a 69 Sprint motor with the crank. There are 10 sets of heads, 92 cc heads the 4X, a bunch of 62 and 16 heads. Assorted other things including the very rare 1969 disc brake rotors, quite a few of them. I have one set of spindles for the 69 brake conversion. A bunch of other stuff including hoods and bumpers, etc. I probably lost at least 150,000 because the s*** was not insured. So I just need to get this stuff out of my property and I'm moving on with my life. I'm getting old and living mostly in Mexico. I don't think I have the energy to Dicker and nickel and dime each one of these things separately and figure out all of that complexity. I am flying up there for a week on thanksgiving. What would be a miracle as if I could sell all of this stuff to one person. I was working with Frank's Pontiac junkyard in California but that fell through. We didn't get along very good. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Dave

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I pulled everything out of the garage and had it demolished. The cars have tires and ready to load.

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gosh what an ordeal...maybe there is another pontiac specific junkyard in the area

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Have you tried Steve Barcak? IIRC, he's in AZ.

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Pictures are worth a thousand words.

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Default Pontiac Heaven

Believe "Pontiac Heaven" has two locations - Maricopa County which is Phoenix Metro, and also a yard near Show Low. I have corresponded with both Frank and Steve but my small stash, and small leads is not really important enough. I did find both of them cordial and receptive. I would guess if shipment could be set up somehow, if you got it to their doorstep, it might be different. I know a UShipper, but he is a small operation, with a Chevy Express Van and a 6' x 12' Utility trailer. Not the setup for moving large quantities or cars and or parts. One would need a large Gooseneck, possibly with a second level and a forklift, to load cars onto said second level. I do know another individual, who has this type of rig/setup, but not sure if he does hauling outside of his own focus of cars and parts.

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What shape are these cars in? Burnt?
Curious as to what is really there and what is left.
Sounds like three or four cars and some parts.

What is your asking price for the remainder?

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Looks like the OP is suspended.

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SCAM ?? Anyone have any idea?


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