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Default Temperature sensor location

I have an offenhauser dual quad intake on my motor. Passenger side front has temperature sensor. Drivers side has just threaded hole. Iím assuming itís the same size. I guess I need a plug there. What is best to use and what size? Yes I completely forgot and filled with antifreeze. Reminded myself for days and remembered when it stammered time flow out,ugh!!!
Thank you!
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I want to say it's 7/8" Or possibly 15/16" It's a fairly large hole.
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The tape-measure measurement of the hole is helpful, but not useful as-is. The hole will be pipe-thread. Pipe thread is measured based on the ID of the pipe, so the size of the hole has no relation to the markings on a tape measure. the nominal size of the hole will be much smaller than the tape measure indicates.

It's probably 1/2" pipe thread. Pipe-thread plugs are available at every parts house or home-improvement center in America. Given a choice, I prefer brass to steel; steel plugs tend to seize in aluminum manifolds. I've seen, but never used aluminum or stainless steel plugs. The last ones I bought were brass, and came from Amazon.

Allen- or "Hex" recess plugs tend to look nicer than the style that have a big hex "bolt head" sticking up out of them. They're harder to remove if they seize, though.



Whatever plug you select, use some anti-gall thread paste as a sealer. My preference is Loctite/Permatex 592 "PST" (Pipe Sealer with Teflon) This stuff has a hardening chemical in it, somewhat like Loctite thread lockers. Wonderful sealer. Prevents thread seizure. Makes disassembly a breeze. Available in most any automotive parts store, but not likely to be found at Lowe's, Home Despot, etc.

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Thank you for the info guys!!!
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X2, 1/2" pipe it is.
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