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Default 1969 Grand Prix SJ HO 4 speed

I got this car after my dad passed away about 2 years ago and I have not had the time for it that I had hoped, so it is up for sale. This car is a rust-free Texas car (from Monk King Pontiac in Denton, Texas) and is PHS documented as a genuine 428 HO 4-speed car. My dad got the car as a roller, so it does not have the original drivetrain.

My Dad had most of the car complete, but health issues forced him to stop. The car was not running when I got it (no spark), so I replaced some ignition stuff (coil, distributor cap and wires) and flushed the fuel lines and installed a new fuel filter. Once it was running, the brakes needed work. He had redone the brakes a while ago, but they needed work again. I rebuilt the front calipers, replaced the rubber brake lines front and rear, and rebuilt the master cylinder. But after the rebuild, the master cylinder did not work well, I think because of the pitting in the bore. I replaced it with a MBM unit and brakes are now good (I kept the original correct stamped “AE” master cylinder if someone would want to sleeve it).

The rear was also leaking at the pinion shaft, so I pulled the rear. I installed a new seal, but the pinion yoke was pretty worn, so I sleeved it. I also cleaned and painted the rear-end while it was out and installed new gear oil and limited slip fluid.

The engine was rebuilt to stock specs (as far as I know) and has never been run other than break-in. I have the parts receipts if someone is interested, but not a lot of build details. Block is a XF stamped block and was bored .030” over. Heads stamped 48, intake is 9794234. Carb is a QuadraJet stamped 7029263. Has the correct (I think) long-branch exhaust manifolds. I have a OEM dual-snorkel air cleaner housing for it, but I don’t think it is original for that car.

Unsure of the transmission details other than it is a Muncie 4 speed. My Dad had the shifter rebuilt by Hurst, as I have the receipt for that. Rear end is cast with K 8 5 and 9783393? and stamped “YH”. I believe this is for a 1965 GTO with 3.55 (39/11) gears and positrac. It currently has 3.90 gears and they look good.

Steering, Suspension and Brakes
It looks like he replaced all the front-end bushings with new rubber. I replaced a couple control arm bushings in the rear when I had it out. Front discs have new pads, rotors and calipers, and I replaced the rubber brake lines. Rears brakes have been rebuilt also. It drives well on my private street, but not sure about handling at higher speeds. I kept the Automatic Level Control linkage in place in the rear, and I have the tank for the engine compartment if you want to hook it back up.

Wheels and Tires
Wheels are later code matched 15x7s Rally IIs. Tires are brand new BFG Radial T/A tires. I also have the original 14 inch Rally IIs that have been repainted that will go with the car.

Body is solid with no rust or dings. Was freshly painted the correct color and garaged after that. All trim was removed before painting and re-installed. I think the paint could use a buffing, but it is decent. There is a scratch on the trunk near the lock that is down to the primer. Undercarriage was painted also when the body was painted. Not frame-off or anything, but it looks good with no rust/dirt underneath. Chrome pieces are original ones my Dad put together, so original OEM (not reproduction), but of course it has some wear.

What does it need?
Not that much, mainly a proper exhaust system. I believe the car has the correct pipes for a standard 1969 GP, but not for the long-branch exhaust manifolds. So it needs the pipes modified or different pipes, since they hang too low. Has mufflers, but no tailpipes. It also needs a few interior things like window crank handles, horn button installed (I have it), and the door locks don’t work correctly all the time. Also the sun visors flop down – needs the visor rubber ends. The rubber around the windows is old and cracked – could use replacement.

Clear Virginia title in my name. Also have some spare parts, original shop manual, and PHS paperwork.

Asking $20,000

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Wow nice car. If it had AC I'd be very interested

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Neat car!

keith k
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its odd. All those great options and no AC... in Texas

Frank Szymkowski

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AC not available with manual transmission and 428 HO. Nice car, not many built

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Default Please call, very interested

Edited to remove personal information from public view. Send a PM to the seller if you're interested.

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Default 428 GP

Edited to remove personal information from public view. Send a PM to the seller if you're interested.

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Interesting car...GLWS.

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First - my condolences on the passing of your father.

1 of 94 M-20 wide-ratio 4spd cars.
This is a color I used to want, but I like gold to have less green in it, like 1972 Anaconda Gold (I had a 72 GP in that color.) It is still neat - and nice to see a color not so common!
My car is white - boring.

I'm so lucky my 69 has the original block (and rear) - but for $20K, even without the original drivetrain (but has the correct carb and heads), this should sell quick!
Good luck with the sale!

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Default More pics!

A couple guys asked for some underneath photos, so I did the best I could not having a lift

Front and rear brakes:

Here are the original(?) 14” Rally wheels:

I do have the missing interior parts:

And I have the Automatic Level Control unit for the engine compartment:

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Default Car is sold!

The car sold today and is on the way to Alabama!

Thanks for the interest


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