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Default Grand Prix 2+2 bumper/spoiler

was so bugged pontiac was not in the monte carlo ss, 442 & hurst olds, buick gnx g body game. done right, it was a perfect time for a Gto g body. friend had a 1979 hurst olds and it was a terrifc car for the times.

the 86 2+2 aerocoup was to little to late.

I would love to find a front bumper and rear spoiler from a 1986 2+2 and build a standard Grand Prix 2+2. this is because I just don't like that weird bubble back glass. for me, it destroys the styling. I would install a pontiac 350 engine that I have on hand. all stock not trying to power up here, just a nice fun crusing car.

any G body folks know if the rear spoiler would fit the standard Grand Prix trunk? in pictures it looks like it would. the front bumper i'm sure would interchange and probably with any year Grand Prix G body?

what year g body Grand Prixs had T Tops optional? would love a T Top car.

the thought of building one this way has intrigued me for awhile and the time is ripe. thanks for any input on my questions, and hows the aftermarket for these?

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One outside of Cleveland with a spare front bumper, only 1225 made, so parts are going to be scarce. I can't tell if that is a 2+2 bumper for sure. The cars only came one color, silver, so a red bumper would have to been a repaint.

Link to Marketplace 2+2: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace...8-2d406be961a0

I doubt anyone is making reproduction parts at all, at least I couldn't find any repro parts.

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This company was repopping 86 2+2 parts. Lauren Engineering out of California the # I have is 714-871-2277. Not sure if they're still out there.

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I had a standard T/A flat pedestal spoiler, when I had my 1986 G.P. I had 15 x 8" snowflakes and 235 60 15 tires all around. It was a fun car, but I upgraded the stock LG4 305 with a home built ZZ3 350 small block. I blacked out the grille and most of the chrome on the car. It still looked like a stock 305 with a set of headers and a homemade dual snorkel air cleaner. It all was painted black with a lot of the emissions controls still in place. I even had the computer carb and controls still functioning. I had a 350 H.O. prom from GM. It ran 13.40's @102 mph on the street tires and through the dual exhaust. It had a Monte SS 3.73 axle and a 700r4 trans in it. I agree about the back window, never liked them. Pontiac built a burgundy G.P. with the 2+2 nose, standard back glass and what looks to be a GTA rear spoiler. I have seen the car before it was sold at, Barrett Jackson, maybe. I work for GM, and it was in our shop at the GM Warren Tech Center. It is how the car should have been built. I understand why the bubble back window works on the racetrack, but never liked the looks.


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