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Default Need to knock in some new wheel studs to a drum brake '66

Sooo - Landed a very nice set of Foresight Ventures '66 vintage alloys, 15X6. Pretty geeked about that, they will match perfectly. Ready to bite the big bullet for the redline radials, hoping old Santa comes thru.

Problem: The olde '66 2+2 is literally in a barn, on four flat tires, of which none hold air for any length of time, and does not have 5 studs on any corner. They all gotta go to mount the new rolling stock. (And need lugs, caps, another story to go with...)

In anticipation of the wheels/tires being ready, gotta knock out the old studs, in a location not convenient to my home. Have to go in loaded for bear to get them in and out and on the trailer.

So: Is there a workaround for the rear axle that does not involve draining the center section of a bucket of crude oil on a dirt floor while praying jackstands don't sink in the pasture?

I'm guessing the C-Clips need to come out... but wondering if there's a trick to it that would avoid yanking them. Likewise, the fronts need to come off. Everything turns freely, so I have that going for me (which is nice.) Would probably just grab a pair of new hubs from fleabay and have a local shop handle, then R+R onsite.

All experience and tricks welcome.


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