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This is my buddy data plate . I donít know all the options but I do know itís a RAIIi 4 SPD, carousel red, canít rmmeber color of the interior (been at least 16 years since Iíve seen it.)
Black vinyl top. I really donít remember anything else about it but could find out.
I donít want to go jack this awesome thread but wanted to know if it could still be a pattern judge for my buddy. Heís had the car since 73 .
I just couldnít figure out a sure plan as to what constituted a pattern judge and what didnít .
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The only absolute way is to get the PHS for the car.
If a buildsheet is found in the car, it may have the number.

Having all the options for a 'Pattern' Judge doesn't make it a 'Pattern' Judge.

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Every Judge Invoice we have witnessed from 01C through 02B has been a Carousel Red , Pattern Car.
His would be the First Known with a Vinyl Top .
His options would HAVE to mirror the Invoice of The Hangin Judge exactly.
But even with those factors - it doesn't make his documented.
To people in the know - it would be considered a 99% probability.

Doubtful he will do PHS since he hasn't already.
Framingham 69's usually have a Buildsheet - if it were found in good condition , that would document it by the order number and Zone Lot : Ship To : information.

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Originally Posted by Scarebird View Post
TKX will fit into an A body no issues; uses the same bellhousing and shifts better than ANY Muncie - much stronger also and you get a good overdrive. You can shorten your existing driveshaft easily and use the C6 yoke.

You will need an offset shifter, plenty available.

Ok, you sold me. Iím going to go with the Tremec 5 speed. Iím guessing what I have is an M20 anyway.
The only transmission parts I have right now is the Muncie that will probably need to be opened up and looked in at the very least, and a bell housing. If all they would need to do is shorten the driveshaft to make it fit, a few extra grand is probably going to be well worth the driving experience and gas mileage by the sounds of it.


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