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G8 Interior Tech 08-09 interior tech discussion. Trim, dash, console related, etc

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Old 08-01-2022, 09:52 AM
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Default Headliner Sagging

Last week I got in my 2009 G8 and found that several areas of my headliner were sagging down in both the front and back seat. The vehicle has only 35,000 miles and unless being driven is in the garage. Apparently there is a foam material on the backside of the fabric and it is deteriorating and allowing the fabric to separate from the actual headliner panel. I checked with two local trim shops and one has seen three other G8’s. Their fix requires the removing of the complete headliner from the vehicle, removing all the foam material and glue from the panel and glueing “new” fabric to the panel. They have the fabric in stock. Gave me a written estimate of $470. Said they will need to have car a couple of days. Second trim shop said they haven’t done one before and had to check on availability of the fabric. Said probably about $600. Checked with GM parts and they show two part numbers for the headliner, with and without sunroof. Without sunroof has been discontinued but with sunroof shows a price of $1,070. OUCH! Checked eBay and they wanted $615 + $180 for shipping for a used one removed from a G8 with over 170,000 miles. OUCH! The problem with buying a used headliner is the foam can be starting to deteriorate as you install it. Any other G8 owners encounter this problem?
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Old 08-01-2022, 11:44 AM
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Not a G8 but my four door Silverado and daughters Camry have the same problem. Very common here in the Southwest.
I've been quoted for the Chevy, $400-600 to remove, scrap off foam and apply new material. That price includes removing the front seats for clearance.
In the meantime, tan colored thumbtacks work just fine.

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Old 08-09-2022, 10:32 AM
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The headliner was sagging in the G8 I got a few months ago. They all do it with age. The foam deteriorates like you said and any used one will likely be just as old and likely to fail.
I removed the headliner panel from the car, cleaned it up, and glued new material to the backer like your upholstery shop recommended. I got some stretchy faux suede like material from Joann fabric for about $30 and 2 cans of spray adhesive from Home Depot for about $40 and fixed mine myself.
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