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Default Looking to buy USA made front end parts

Need to rebuild entire front end for 1967 GTO with power steering. Does any company sell American made tie rods, etc? If not, where should I buy good quality repro parts? How good are these from the AMES catalog: S106 and S107? Money not an issue, just want quality parts. Thanks for your input.


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Rare Parts is supposed to be a pretty good source: https://shop.rareparts.com/search?ye...TIAC&model=GTO

I had good luck with a suspension kit from Kanter for my old '61 Bonneville convertible, although I don't know where the parts were made. https://www.kanter.com/gallery.aspx?...Router=Catalog

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bought Moog parts for my car, the boxes said made in USA, i am hoping they meant the parts inside and not the box were made in the USA.

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Many Moog parts these days are “assembled” in the USA but the actual parts are off shore. India, China, Taiwan.

ProForged parts at least as of around 2012-2015 were produced in Taiwan.

Without finding some NOS parts or some real specialty builder type your made in USA requirement is going to be pretty hard to complete.

If it was me buying parts, I’d buy ProForged. Many of the larger name companies selling steering rebuilds are utilizing ProForged. Ridetech specifically rebrands the ProForged parts. Most ball joints coming with arms from places like DSE BMR etc are using ProForged ball joints.

Now if you wanted the ultimate what I would recommend is taking your factory hard parts and reassembling them using Howe ball joints. You’ll need access to a press and each joint is going to be between 75-90 bucks. But these are among the highest quality joints you can get these days.

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Moog used to be decent quality. Now? The company has been bought and sold so many times it's not funny.

Watch this for everything you need to know about Moog quality today:


Moog also has the problem of counterfeit parts - where it makes the situation even worse.

I wouldn't get too concerned with where the parts are made, but whether or not they were made to the correct specification.

My suggestion if you're looking for quality OE type parts - ACDelco Professional Series.


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