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Default 62 3-speed question

I have a '62 trophy 4 that runs pretty well and looks nice. The issue I have with driving it is that it grinds horribly going into 1st gear at a stop light (which I'm sad to admit is quite embarrassing) and sometimes going into reverse. I'm not very knowledgeable about the manual transaxle in those. Is that just how they are? (I had someone tell me that vintage might not have a synchro for going into 1st gear) If not, is it repairable?

If it's not repairable, how realistic would it be, assuming I could find the parts, to convert it to an automatic?

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There is no syncro in these transaxles for 1st, or reverse, there are syncros for 2nd and 3rd. This is quite common for 3 speeds of that vintage. You need to learn to double clutch when going from 2nd to first if you want to shift it while the car is still rolling. Many people have no idea what double clutching is, but it's matching the unsynchronized gears to the speed of the engine, and the car, to get them to mesh. It's a required skill that needs practice to master it.

If you go on Youtube there are more than a few videos on the theory, and showing someone practicing double clutching a non synchro transmission.

Here's one video example:


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Does clutch pedal let out close to the floor? If so the clutch is to tight and probably dragging a bit. Try to adjust cable so it let out higher in pedal stroke. This may help too.

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If it grinds at a full stop, I used to select 2nd with the clutch engaged to stop the cluster and then put it in first. Worked every time

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